Cameron Brown the oldest Pro in Kona with 46 years

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New Zealander Cameron Brown has qualified for the Hawaii Ironman World Championship, being the oldest of all PROs, his 46 years. 

If there is an example of longevity in international triathlon that is the New Zealander Cameron Brown, whoever takes 20 podiums in a row (from 1999) in the Ironman de New Zealand, where he has achieved victory in 12 occasions.

Brown played his first Hawaii Ironman in 2000 where he got the 26th position. Later he returned 11 more times, until 2011. His best results have been 2 second places (2001 and 2005) and two third places (2002 and 2003). He has been a finisher 10 times. His last participation was in 2015 where he left.

Cameron Brown has based its classification on three great results, was 3º in "his" Ironman, the New Zealand, 2º in the Ironman of the Philippines and 4º in the Ironman Western Australia, to total 3.840 points and qualify in the first cut in the 38 position .


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