The Path to Olympic Qualification for Paris 2024: What tests are there to score? 

As we approach the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, excitement and tension are rising among the triathlon community.  

With 55 places available for both men and women, The competition to secure a place at the starting line is fierce.  

The qualification paths are varied, including Olympic rankings, qualifying events and special places, guaranteeing an exciting fight until the last moment. 

The Paths of Classification  

The athletes have multiple routes to classify: through the Olympic rankings of Mixed and Individual Relays, specific qualifying events, New Flag places for athletes from less represented continents and Tripartite places. 

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“New Flag places” and “Tripartite places” are two classification mechanisms used in the Olympic Games to guarantee a broader and more diverse representation of countries and athletes, especially those from less represented nations in certain sports.

  1. Squares for New Flag: Awarded to the highest-ranked athletes from each continent who have not yet qualified for the Games through standard qualification methods.
  2. Tripartite Squares: These places are intended for countries that have limited representation at the Olympic Games, generally those that send small delegations of athletes.

Table of Key Events for the Olympic Triathlon Qualification for Paris 2024

Key events such as World Cups and Continental Cups are crucial to accumulate points in the rankings. 

World Triathlon World Championship Series

Date Event Location
8 March SCMT Abu Dhabi UAE
May 11 SCMT Yokohama JPN
25-26 May SCMT Cagliari ITA

World Triathlon World Cups

Date Event Location
February 24 Napier World Cup NZL
24 March Hong Kong World Cup HKG
20 April Wollongong World Cup AUS
29 April Chengdu World Cup CHN
18-19 May Samarkand World Cup UZB
18-19 May Huatulco World Cup MEX

Continental Events

Date Event Location
16 March Accra African Games GHA
16 March Devonport Oceania Triathlon Sprint Championships AUS
14 April Napier Oceania Triathlon Championships NZL
21 April Asian Triathlon Championships JPN

Mixed Relay Events

Date Event Location
February 25 World Triathlon Napier Mixed Relay Series NZL
9 March World Triathlon Abu Dhabi Mixed Relay Series UAE
17 March Devonport Oceania Triathlon Mixed Relay Championships AUS
May 17 Olympic Qualification Event in Mixed Relay Huatulco MEX

These events are fundamental on the path to qualifying for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

Triathletes from around the world will compete in these events to accumulate points and secure their place in one of the most prestigious sporting events in the world.


Among the athletes who stand out in the race for a place in Paris are Dorian Coninx, world champion 2023, and Cassandre Beaugrand, second in the 2023 women's series, both from France.  

Germany has shown solid preparation with athletes such as Laura Lindemann y Lisa Tertsch. On the part of Brazil, Manoel Messias a place has been secured, as has Csongor Lehmann from Hungary and Rachel Klamer from the Netherlands. 

The Importance of National Teams and Mixed Relays  

National teams play a crucial role in qualification, especially in the mixed relays. France, as the host country, already has guaranteed places in this category.  

Other equipment such as Germany y Britain They have also secured their participation thanks to their excellent results in world championships. 

The race towards Paris 2024 is at its most exciting.

With so many talented athletes fighting for a place, the coming months will be full of exciting competitions. We invite fans to follow this exciting stage closely and support their favorite athletes and teams on their path to the Olympic Games. 

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