CEA Bétera and Peñota Dental Alusigma, Spanish Club Duathlon champions 2024 in Albacete

La National League of Duathlon Clubs 2024 of the Spanish Triathlon Federation began in Albacete with the dispute of the Spanish Duathlon Championships for Clubs in First, Second and Third category.

In the elite and First Division, the women's team CEA Bétera, and the male of Alusigma Dental Club, They prevailed in the Abelardo Sánchez park of Albacete, reaping the first collective medals of the FETRI season.

All results can be consulted here.

CEA Bétera, with a total of 1090 points, won the Spanish Club Duathlon Championship in the women's First Division category, 20 points ahead of Náutico de Narón, which had 1070; and 25 over the Diablillos de Rivas Triathlon Club, with 1065, third.

The individual race was for Noelia Juan, dominating the entire race, with Sara Guerrero in second position, and Lucía Acosta taking third place for Diablillos de Rivas.

Peñota Dental Alusigma won the title of Spanish Club Duathlon Champions in the men's First Division, and the provisional first position in the League, adding 1317 points.

In the Second Division, with 988, the Albacete Res Triathlon was classified; and in the third, with 981, the CEA Bétera.

The spectacular individual First Division race also ended with a great celebration by the local team, after the victory of Andrés Hilario, ahead of Javier Martín and Nico Regidor, from Marlins Triatlón Madrid. 

Second Division                                                                                                                                                        

the valencian club T3 resistance won with 1188 points in the women's Second Division classification Las Rozas Triathlon, which added up to 1029; and to Rioja Tritones Triathlon, which totaled 948.

In the individual race, María Varo, from Tri Infinity Móstoles, won; ahead of her teammate Lauren Dickson; and Esther Ramos, from the Las Rozas Triathlon.

 Katoa Barcelona won the Club Duathlon title in the men's Second Division, with 1248 points, for the 1020 added by the Inforhouse Santiago Triathlon athletes; and the 1001 of the Tri Infinity Móstoles.

Marcel Walkington, from the Club Natació Barcelona Fasttriatlon, won the individual event ahead of Miqui Riera, from Katoa Barcelona; and Adrián Martínez, from Inforhouse Santiago.

 Third division

Julia and María Tenorio led the Squali Carabanchel Triathlon in the club's victory in the women's Third Division, adding a total of 1844 points, compared to the 1696 of the Club Natació Barcelona Fasttriatlon, second classified; the 1443 of the Navarrese Hiru Herri, thirds; and the 1431 of the Andalusian Al-Fanadic Triathlon, fourth and closing the places for promotion to the Second Division.

The Tenorio sisters placed first and second individually, with their teammate Laura Martínez third in the classification.

 Triclub Babyschool won the title in the men's Third Division with a total of 1704 points in the two competition series; while the Delikia Sports Club added 1698.

The Compostela Triathlon was classified in third place with 1695; and with 1672, the San Sebastián de los Reyes Triathlon closed the four category promotion spots, which will also be in the Second Division next season.

 Prizes were awarded on the day by Manuel Serrano, Mayor of Albacete; Francisco Villaescusa, Sports Councilor; Pascual Molina, Councilor for Education; Daniel Sancha, Provincial Sports Deputy in Albacete; Maite Gómez, President of the Triathlon Federation of Castilla La Mancha; and José Hidalgo, President of the Spanish Triathlon Federation.

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