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El Tri-Penta Terras de Lugo, Spanish duathlon champion by Mixed Relay in Boiro

Yesterday, the Spanish Duathlon Championship for Mixed Relays was held in the town of Boiro

The sisters Brea Abreu, Joselyn y Edymar, Luis Miguel Velásquez y Fernando Alarza they imposed themselves with authority in the Spanish Duathlon Championship by Mixed Relays contested in Boiro as the culmination of an excellent weekend of events including the third championship of the Spanish Triathlon Federation in 2018, the Duathlon Club Championship, and the fourth, the one corresponding to the modality of mixed relay which will be part of the Olympic program at Tokyo 2020. Both championships were also the first and the second day of the National League of Duathlon Clubs.

Overcoming the wind and the constant threat of rain on Saturday during the dispute of the duathlon by clubs of Second and First Division, the sun shined Boiro to highlight even more the already highly spectacular modality of the mixed relay. He Tri-Penta Terras de Lugo he was always at the top leaving his domain clear, while behind the fight was developing with several alternatives to complete the final podium relay Imps Rivas Mar de Pulpí y Triathlon Clavería Móstoles.

In the wake of the Lugo relievers, in the first race there were the Pina Fundación Azierta TriToledo Bicycles and the Ferrol Triathlon, with the Alonso sisters, Camila and Melina in the lineup. With aspirations to improve, the Cidade Lugo Fluvial, with Pablo Dapena in the last post, although he would not be able to specify his options, and neither would the Toledo club, which would cede its position in the third relay to the athletes of the clubs that ended up taking the podium. Alarza rounded off the performance of Tri-Penta with a spectacular career and enlarging the advantage over Héctor Arévalo, who secured silver for Diablillos, and Zeus Gutiérrez closing the bronze for Clavería.

The Mayor of Boiro, Juan José Dieste, and the President of the Galician Federation of Triathlon, participated in the delivery of prizes and awards. José Hidalgo, President of the Spanish Triathlon Federation, presented the Iberdrola Trophy to the fastest woman in the third segment of all those registered in the Mixed Relay, which was Joselyn Daniely Brea Abreu.

Prior to the Spanish Duathlon Championships by Mixed Relays, the category of Third Division was played in the Spanish Duathlon Championship for Clubs, obtaining the promotion to the Second Female Division of the first four classified teams, Santander Triathlon, Nosportlimits, Talavera Training and Sea Triathlon. of Vigo. In the men's category, the top four classified are: Flor de Triatló, CT Arena Alicante, Deporama Joven In Triathlon Soriano and Triathlon Las Rozas.

Photo and source: FETRI

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