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Carlos López and Víctor Arroyo bet on the Triathlon of Vitoria in their return to the long distance

It will be the return to the competition in a triathlon "full distance" by Carlos and Víctor after their respective accidents.

The next Triathlon de Vitoria in his full distance he will have two "special" triathletes Carlos López y Victor Stream, who a few months ago had two traffic accidents that could have cost them their lives and after many weeks of recovery both will be at the start of the Triathlon of Vitoria in their long distance test.

Carlos López and Víctor Arroyo will be two of the elite Spanish triathletes that will be present at the next Triathlon in Vitoria. Carlos López has in his record with a victory in the Ironman of Mallorca 2016 and the LD Spain Championship 2015, in addition to achieving the classification for Kona last year but where he could not compete because he was run over a few days before the test.

Meanwhile Victor Stream has great experience in age groups, which highlights the victory at the Santa Ironman Lanzarote Club in 30-34 in 2016 and the subsequent sixth place in Kona in the same group that same year. Last season he debuted as PRO at the Cozumel IM where he was 7º with a 8 time: 18: 15.

In the case of Carlos the accident cost him his participation for Kona, where he had managed to qualify as a PRO, being a person who works 40 hours a week in a job other than sports. The worst thing was not this, but his wife lost the son they both expected since she had to abort due to an attack of anxiety and nerves because of the abuse that Carlos suffered.

Carlos Lopez

Meanwhile Victor he had made a great debut as PRO with 7º in the past IM of Cozumel coming down from 8h20m but shortly after he suffered a hard accident when colliding with a badly parked truck. Fruit of that fall had to miss the 70.3 of Marbella and the IM of Lanzarote.

Very good Carlos and Victor, the truth is a joy to know that you are practically recovered and that we will see you at the start of the next Vitoria Triathlon. In your case, what do you remember about the accident? Which were the most important injuries?

Carlos Lopez: Of the accident everything. Since I saw the car coming towards me, the blows that the car gave me, the head butt against a wall. There were 22 sutures in the eyebrow, rupture of the internal basin of the 70%, hematoma, internal lateral ligament sprain grade two, bone edema in the condyles, trabecular fracture in the femur and abrasions.

The worst thing for us was that the same day they confirmed that Noe was pregnant and due to an attack of anxiety and nerves she had an abortion.

Víctor Arroyo: I remember being on my bike training and suddenly crashing into a badly parked truck blocking the entire bike path that surrounds the Island of Cozumel in the Mexican Caribbean. From the strong impact I broke the anterior rectum of the quadriceps completely, breaking fibers in the left thigh, lips and teeth, as well as different cuts in arms.

How has the recovery period been?

Carlos: Very good, very hard and still in it. I think until January or something else I will not be fully recovered

Victor: With a lot of patience, work, and from the beginning accepting my situation and being very positive mentally to be as soon as possible making a normal life.

Victor Arroyo in the Vitoria Triathlon cycling

How has it been starting again almost from scratch?

Carlos: Well very frustrating, it was so good before the outrage!

Victor: It has been something that will mark a before and after in my life. I have come very close to a state of mind that I did not know about myself and that will undoubtedly help me cope with many circumstances of my life.

What is the discipline that has cost you the most to retrain and why?

Carlos: Running because I have been 5 months without being able to do anything for bone edema

Victor: The race on foot, because of the impact and because I could barely support my leg on the floor because my quadriceps was not able to hold my body upright and excessive tension could break the internal suture of the muscle and ruin the surgery .

Victor Arroyo training

Why do you choose Vitoria to return to the competition?

Carlos: Vitoria is special, there I got my first podium in IM distance in 2013 and I've always wanted to go. In addition, the treatment received by the organization is spectacular.

Victor: For the organization, for what the event itself represents nationally and internationally and because it serves as a test for the important competitions that continue to this race.

Finally we want to ask that each of you send a message of encouragement to the other before the appointment of Vitoria:

Carlos: With patience it comes back, luckily we are here and we can tell it.

Victor: Carlos, I do not have the pleasure of knowing you personally but I know you for your results and they speak of you as a great athlete and you will surely be working to be competing at the highest level.

Finally, both Carlos and Víctor, as well as the entire Triathlon News team, want to send our message of encouragement to Carolina Routier, who is also recovering from a serious accident, Carlos and Víctor are two examples of improvement and that we can return to compete with full guarantees. Hopefully soon we will see Carol just like them.

Photos provided by Carlos López and Victor Arroyo / CANO SPORT / Instagram

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