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Castellón Triathlon first venue of the Mediterranean Triathlon circuit

On July 1, the town of Castellón will celebrate one more year its already consolidated triathlon. More than 600 participants will contest the test in the different modalities.

The next Sunday 1 of July starts the Circuit Mediterranean triathlon, with the "Castellón Triathlon", first appointment of the three that make up this festival of triathlon in the Valencian Community, with appointments also in Valencia and Alicante, that is, in the three provincial capitals.

The technical organization of the test will be in charge of the Triathlon Evasion Club Castellón, with the collaboration of Triathlon Federation of the Valencian Community and City Council of Castellón.

The first to take the exit, to the 8 in the morning, will be those registered in the Olympic modality, which will travel  1.500 meters of swimming, 40 kilometers of cycling y 10 kilometers of foot race.

From the 9.45 the beginning of the sprint mode, where the participants will have to go 750 meters of swimming, 20 kilometers of cycling y 5 kilometers of foot race. The last to take the exit, from the 10.15, will be those registered in the modality Super sprint y Women's triathlon, which will complete 350 meters of swimming, 10 kilometers of cycling y 2.5 on foot race, this being the modality ideal to start in the world of triathlon.

Como novelty On Saturday, at 17.30 p.m., there will be a school aquatlon, in which all boys and girls, between the ages of 7 and 17 will be able to enjoy it, divided into 5 different categories, with distances appropriate to their ages.

 In addition, throughout the weekend will be installed an area called Mediterranean MiniTriathlon, where children can learn more about our sport, and enjoy it, while their parents pick up numbers and compete. It will be a special area, where they will be performing activities related to triathlon, thanks to the main collaborator of the circuit Trinidad Alfonso Foundation.

The epicenter of the competition will be located in the Grao de Castellón, next to the Planetarium. On Saturday from the 16 hours to the 20 hours, participants can approach the competition area to collect the race number and enjoy the expo zone. In addition, they can take advantage to recognize circuits, and enjoy the environment where the competition will be held.

More information: https://www.mediterraneatriatlon.com/

Mediterranea Triathlon

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