Challenge Lisboa, a "Super Triathlon" with different 6 competitions.

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 The 19 of May, to the 16: 00 of the delay will start the Challenge Lisboa, a test that next year will be a reference worldwide due to the great variety of different competitions that will be hosted in the Portuguese capital.

 In total 5 will be different competitions that will be held in the Challenge Lisbon.

 1.- Challenge Lisboa.

Challenge Lisbon

 The test reigns, a medium distance triathlon, with 1900m of swimming, 90 km of cycling and 21,1 km of running.

Challenge Lisboa offers its participants very fast circuits in the three segments. The 1900m of swimming takes place in the estuary of the Tagus River, with very calm waters. Later, the cyclist segment is 4, which turns into a fast circuit parallel to the river and practically flat, until completing the 90km. The race ends with 21km of the 2 on foot race, 10,5km turns completely flat and also parallel to the Tagus

 2- The Collage Cup

Challenge Lisbon College Cup

 La Collage Cup is a competition with relay format in the distances of 1.5km swimming, 45 km of cycling and 10.5 km of race to foot, where the university students will be able defend the colors of your university. El Challenge festival will start the 16: 00 hour, finished the test at midnight. The organization hopes that it will be a great celebration thanks to the support and animation of the university students.

3.- The Battle of the Sexes

Challenge Lisbon Battle of Sexes

 A competition where Women will be the first to start the race. Later 16'15” later the men will do it. The first person to reach the finish line will be the winner of the competition, with a prize of €750. The distances will be 1,5km of swimming, 45km of cycling and 10,5km of running.

4.- The Corporate Cup

Challenge Lisbon Corporate Cup

The Corporate Cup is also Team competition of three members where each of them will cover one of the segments of the middle distance triathlon, that is, a reliever will swim 1900m, another reliever will pedal during 90km and the third will run 21,1 km.

The team of the winning company of The Corporate Cup will receive the trophy that accredits him as winner and may have it during 6 months in his office or in any delegation of the company that they decide, to be able to expose it during this period of time.

Both the winning team, the second and third placed will receive a replica of a smaller size that will be delivered to them in property.

 5.- Team Relay

Challenge Lisbon Team Relay

 Un relay triathlon, by teams formed by 2 or 3 participants, which will cover the distances of 1500m of swimming, 45km of cycling and 10,5 km of running foot.

 6.- "Family Relay"

Challenge Lisbon family Relay

 On Sunday 20 will take place the competition "Family Relay" which is a relay family triathlon And for all the family.

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