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Challenge will fight against Drafting in 2017

The franchise has announced that it increases the distance of the drafting from 12 to 20 meters in The Championship

Good news for Triathlon lovers since it has announced that in the Challenge Championship "The Championship” that will be held in Samorín (Slovakia) will increase the safety distance to avoid committing drafting from 12 meters established by the regulation to 20 meters.

This change is made to make the competition tests fairer and will apply to professionals as well as to Age Groups.

Main points standard 20 meters

  • Separate output professional men and women
  • Exit of the age groups from the 20 minutes of the professionals
  • Maximum 200 triathletes per start
  • Minimum 10 minutes between departures of age groups
  • Marking on the cycling circuit with signals of 20 meters to facilitate compliance with the norm

When can you enter the Drafting area?

  • If you do not advance in 40 seconds
  • Safety reasons
  • If you are 100 meters before and after the transition
  • In sharp turns
  • If a segment of the test is excluded from the test for safety reasons, deviations. etc.


What do you think of this rule? Would you like to be applied in Spain?

Further information: http://www.challenge-family.com/

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