Challenge Taiwan will gather more than 6.000 triathletes

The test is held between April 24 and 25

The 2021 edition of Challenge Taiwan it will go down in history as the most massive in times of a pandemic.

The test that will be held at the end of the month will count as usual in the tests of the Challenge Family franchise of several tests oriented for the whole family

  • Middle distance
  • Olympic distance
  • Sprint distance
  • Junior Challenge
  • Team Relay

Taiwan is one of the countries that has best managed the pandemic and the result of this work is that it can play this type of competition.

Coronavirus in Taiwan

Taiwan with close to  24 million inhabitants have registered 1.062 infections and 11 deaths.

Challenge Taiwan will bring together more than 6.000 triathletes,img_6077d60c81ed1

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