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After the situation experienced during this 2012, where Spain is positioned as a leader in the European ranking of cyclist deaths on the road from wants to make an appeal published this news on its website in search of support to make a change to the General Circulation Regulations, asking for greater respect to the cyclist who thus guarantees his safety when driving on the road and be reduce the death toll for this 2013

"The death of the professional cyclist Iñaki Lejarreta, National Champion of Mountain Bike rolled by a motor vehicle on 16 day of December of 2012, visualizes before society in general a harsh reality: Spain leads the European ranking of deaths of cyclists on the road.


Like Iñaki Lejarreta, many anonymous cyclists die for lack of respect and for the repeated breach of the Regulation of Circulation by drivers of motor vehicles.


Article 85 of the General Circulation Regulations obliges the driver of a motor vehicle, at the time of overtaking a cyclist, to respect a lateral separation not inferior to 1,50m. Likewise, it obliges to occupy part or all of the contiguous lane of the road.


It is expressly forbidden to overtake by endangering or hindering cyclists traveling in the opposite direction.


This maneuver can only be carried out when there are precise conditions to carry out the overtaking, and in these conditions it can be exceeded if the continuous line is necessary. Although the violation of these provisions is considered serious and there are many of them on the state roads, they are punished very rarely.


To facilitate compliance and understanding and to further ensure the safety of cyclists, we ask:

  • That, taking advantage of the next revision of the General Circulation Regulations, the vehicle that advances to move completely into the next lane is obliged.
  • That dissemination campaigns aimed at drivers of motor vehicles be prepared to ensure that they know their obligations to cyclists on the road.
  • Traffic agents carry out checks in areas frequented by cyclists to warn drivers of motor vehicles of this obligation.


That is implanted, on the roads entering and leaving the towns and in areas frequented by cyclists, signage reminding motorists of this obligation, as is being implemented in Catalonia:

Collaborate with safety and respect for cyclists

They initiate this request in alphabetical order:

Association of Professional Cyclists (ACP) White Bicycles (Family, Friends and Known Victims of Cyclists), CCUB (Catalan Coordinator of Bicycle Usuaris), CONBICI (Coordinator in defense of the Bike) and PEB (Bicycle Business Platform) "

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