Compete in the Castellana: The Villa de Madrid Duathlon 2024

El Duathlon Villa of Madrid returns in 2024 with a sporting proposal that will surely once again make it one of the most notable events on the Madrid calendar.

For this edition, the center of the race will once again be the Plaza de Colón, on Sunday, March 3, offering athletes the opportunity to compete in one of the most iconic settings in the city of Madrid.

Reasons to Participate in the Villa de Madrid Duathlon 2024:

Emblematic Location

The competition is distinguished by its unique route that runs along the Paseo de la Castellana, offering duathletes an unparalleled experience of running in one of the most important arteries of Madrid.

Distance Diversity

The event has two types of participation: the Sprint distance, accessible to all athletes from the youth category, and the Duathlon (10/40/5), reserved for federated members and recognized as the Madrid Championship of this discipline.

Individual or Relay Participation

In the Sprint distance, athletes have the option to compete individually or form relay teams, adding a strategic and collaborative element to the race.

Cycling Tour along the Asphalt of Paseo de la Castellana

The cycling segment, which can be done on both mountain and road bikes in the Sprint distance, offers a circular circuit along the emblematic Paseo de la Castellana.

Drafting Conditions

A notable aspect of the Villa de Madrid Duathlon is that all events are with drafting, thus allowing group strategy during the cycling segment.

Key Information for Participants:

  • Event Date: Sunday March 3, 2024.
  • Central Location: Plaza de Colón, Madrid.
  • Competition Modalities: Sprint and Duathlon Distance (10/40/5).
  • Participation Categories: Individual, Relay (Sprint), and Federated (Duathlon).
  • Delivery of Numbers: The same day of the event in the secretariat tent located in the Plaza de Colón.

Remember, registrations are still open on the official website

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