Knowing Laura Gómez., 2020 MD Triathlon Spanish Champion

Laura got the national title in Bilbao

Laura Gomezathlete INVEST, it has been proclaimed recently Spanish champion of triathlon MD in Bilbao, beating the best Spanish athletes in the distance such as Judith Corachán or Gurutze Frades.

We wanted to talk to her so that she can tell us first-hand how this year has been so atypical and what future plans she has.

In addition, we asked her, as an INVERSE brand ambassador, which products she likes the most and which she recommends to triathletes.

How is this "atypical" season 2020 being for you?

I started running some 10.000 road tests with very good feelings, then mountain duathlons, where I was proclaimed champion of Catalonia of Duathlon Cross and then I did road duathlon, together with the German Laura Philips, who did 4 in Kona, it was my last test before confinement.

I also prepared the Barcelona half marathon, which was my first half, mostly to focus on the middle distance I wanted to do in Challenge Salou, to see how it was and to test the rhythms at these distances. I found myself great, with very good sensations and rhythms.

Suddenly we were surprised by the pandemic. Seen now, I think that I knew how to adapt and manage the situation without missing any training day, getting along well, and I also took the opportunity to advance in my studies at the university.

The confinement for me I think has been positive, it did not stop for a moment. The mornings were dedicated to practically doing all the training and in the afternoons to studying. If I needed to disconnect I did a little Yoga to cut the dynamics.

You have been proclaimed champion of Spain MD this 2020 in Bilbao, as has been your progression to get here

I think I came out quite strengthened, I kept in mind that the season was over, and that whatever came ... welcome would be!

At the end I enjoyed the training and confinement, without any pressure and when we were able to leave, we left!

We went to the Pyrenees and I trained following guidelines, but somewhat flexible and enjoying without pressure. If I had in mind to do some route or little madness ... well I did it, but always in my mind was to enjoy the sport, without setting any objective.

I love training and I also love competing, but I think I have achieved a "balance" despite the situation and I am happy because I feel that I have handled it very well.

Laura Gómez competing in Bilbao
@ susanaetxebarria / Laura Gómez competing in Bilbao

In Bilbao you beat two of the best Spanish MD triathletes. Has this victory given you confidence for future tests?

The truth is that it is always good to win and in the end for me it is a pride and more with whom I did it. Also, after the pandemic there were few races and the PTO had bet big and it was an extra motivation along with competing with level people.

Competing in a test like this and with great triathletes makes me get the best version of myself, makes me be competitive and always gives a plus.

Being with them on the podium is an honor, and it gives me confidence for future tests, but I also have to know where I come from, because you can train well and have good feelings, but then the race may or may not.

But yes, in short, I am happy with how everything is progressing and very satisfied with all the progress I have had and I hope to have more tests of this level in the future.

You have IRONMAN license. Will you look for a Slot for the 70.3 World Championship?

If I have the license and I am focused on going to this line. When? I don't know when it will arrive, but the desire and the training are directed towards it.

Just before the pandemic, two weeks before everything happened, I applied for the IRONMAN license to get fully into the distance.

Then came the VOC, which caused everything to be delayed a bit according to plan, but I already said, I want to stay now without any pressure or tension, I think, It will come! Now we must be aware that we need time to see how the situation evolves

So, I have not looked at anything for the Slot for next year. If I know that I want to measure myself with the best in the world in medium and long, but I already say ... it is step by step.

First I want to test myself here, and see how I am, I surrender and I adapt. A bit my performance in this type of racing. Time will decide what the future holds.

Are you going to compete more this 2020?

It is time to "reset", to accumulate again and start with more enthusiasm for 2021 and let's see what it holds!

I already finished the season, I did 3 competitions + Bilbao, all in a row. I am not in favor of doing so many in a row, neither I nor my coach, because in the end I believe in a balance of training and also accumulating training.

Mentally it is also very demanding on the body, I did them from where we came ... there were no races, things were getting a bit complicated and I said ... well, let's finish the season!

Now I will do a little "reset" with 3 weeks of active rest and focus on the next year.

Without focusing on anything ... because the season is in the air. Now I only think about continuing to train well, I will renew the license and if I can get into a medium distance test at an international level, then welcome.

What do you have in mind as your first goal in 2021?

I have not thought of any specific objective, I go step by step because now we depend a lot on the situation with the pandemic.

Looking ahead to 2021, the first thing I will do is add km on MTB, push myself a little bit on "fat wheels" which is where I put myself outside the "comfort zone" which gives me an extra point and on a technical level it demands something more from me.

I will focus totally on the middle distance, but I have not considered any ... because the way things are ... I prefer to go with lead feet and I do not want it to affect me emotionally.

When we are in January and February and we see how everything evolves, we will see what can be done. I am still focused on Media Distancia and if it can be an international test and enjoy the process and improve day after day.

Laura Gómez with the Inverse kit
Laura Gómez with the Inverse kit

I think that what I have to do is know how to manage the situation and adapt to it day by day, and then what has to come will come.

Regarding the material, you are using INVERSE clothing, could you tell us about your relationship with the brand?

The truth is that INVERSE for me is the brand, they have always supported me.

I feel like my family. I am lucky to have a very good relationship, they have always been there to offer me everything I have needed and it was within their reach.

What are your favorite clothes?

I like all the clothes I use…. Which are many!

Highlight? Well, more than a specific garment, I would emphasize that the brand works with detail thinking of the athlete.

There are details that I have been realizing as I tested them and I was talking about it with the team of INVEST.

For example, in the design of the zipper if you lower it, it does not lower more when there is air for example, or the details of the pockets ... .. or the wind vest with double zip for ventilation.

I think they are details that are appreciated every day in training and competition and where the difference is in the quality of the garments.

Which ones would you recommend for a medium and long distance triathlete?

Inverse Triathlon Suits
Inverse Triathlon Suits

Of course ... my favorite piece! I love the aerial one piece jumpsuit. I'm delighted.

It has 4 details that are key. In competition you want your clothes not to bother you.

 For example, leg cutting, which normally oppresses me and this one does not. The zip closure that locks and does not lower, the front and back pockets ...

It's a trisuit that's wind tunnel tested and it shows.

I can also wear my own clothes and my own designs, just like the clubs.

They work very well, it is a good brand and at the Triathlon level they are very up to date and for me it is a privilege to be able to count on them, without a doubt.

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