13 Spaniards in the Lievin 2024 Indoor World Cup

The adrenaline will run through the veins again this Saturday, March 30 at the Lievin Indoor World Cup, a unique event that combines speed, endurance and an electrifying atmosphere.

In this edition, 13 Spanish triathletes They will set out to conquer the podium, ready to challenge the best in the world in a dizzying test where every second counts.

A return with a taste of revenge.

The 2022 edition left a pleasant memory for the Spanish fans with the second place of Genis Grau after the french Vincent Luis.

This year, both triathletes meet again in Lievin, with the thirst for victory intact and the firm intention to star in an epic duel.

Hungarian Csongor Lehmann, third classified in 2022, will also be present at the starting line, completing a luxury podium.

Spanish explosiveness in search of surprise.

 The Spanish men's navy will be composed of Genis Grau, Stephen Basanta, nacho galvez, Javier Coscolla, Alejandro Rodriguez, Pelayo Gonzalez, Dani Tolosa, Alexandre Alvarez y Guillem Segura.

All of them are promising young players with an explosive style, ideal to shine in a format as fast as Lievin's. Their goal: sneak into the finals and fight for a place on the podium.

A top-level international poster.

The elite of world triathlon will meet in Lievin, with names like Tim hellwig, Hugo Milner, Schachar Sagiv, Samuel Dickinson, Chris Perham, Casper Stornes y Vetle Thorn.

Duel of titans in the women's category

The Spanish female representation will be headed by Sara Guerrero, an experienced triathlete who faces her debut in the 2024 season.

Next to her will be the young women Paula from the Well, María Teresa Jiménez-Orta y Paula Sánchez, who will seek to surprise in a test dominated by the stars of the world circuit.

World class favorites

The roster of female triathletes in Lievin is impressive. Taylor Spivey, Georgia Taylor-Brown y Laura Lindemann They are the big favorites to win, but we must not rule out other figures such as Gwen Jorgensen, Leonie Periault, marlene gomez, gina serene, Zsanett Bragmater, Selina Klamt, Lena Meibner o Anabel knoll.

 The battle for the podium promises to be exciting.

List of Spaniards in the test

Category Name
Men Genis Grau
Men Stephen Basanta
Men nacho galvez
Men Javier Coscolla
Men Alejandro Rodriguez
Men Pelayo Gonzalez
Men Dani Tolosa
Men Alexandre Alvarez
Men Guillem Segura
female Sara Guerrero
female Paula from the Well
female María Teresa Jiménez-Orta
female Paula Sánchez

Lievin, more than a simple competition.

 The Lievin Indoor World Cup goes beyond a simple race.

 It is an event that celebrates the sporting spirit, innovation and global triathlon community.

The French city becomes a meeting point for amateurs and professionals, offering a unique atmosphere that combines sport and culture.

Schedules and where to watch it live

The Lievin Indoor World Cup will be held on Saturday, March 30, 2024. The first races will begin at 10:00 in the morning (local time), while the finals will be held from 17:00.

It can be followed live through Triathlonlive

There are no previous results.

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