Triathlon classification criteria for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games

The Paris 2024 Olympic Games are shaping up to be the next big stage in world sport, and triathlon, with its growing popularity, will be one of the leading players.

Excitement and expectation grow, especially among Spanish athletes, who see this event as a golden opportunity to shine in international competition.

Recently, World triathlon has unveiled the selection criteria for each country that will compete in the Games, and the rules vary significantly.

For Spain, the criteria are clear: a place in the Top 8 of the Test Event in Paris guarantees a place in the team for 2024.

If an athlete is in the Top 12 of the Olympic ranking at the end of 2023, they will be automatically selected. Any remaining slots will be awarded at the discretion of the selector.

Classification criteria

Below is a list of the criteria for some selections:

Country Classification Criteria
Australia – Top 8 in the Paris Test Event (2 athletes). – Top 8 in the Championship Final in Pontevedra (1 athlete). – Top 8 in another SCMT event in early 2024.
Belgium – Two top eight placements in an SCMT event. – A podium in the European Championships.
Canada – Top 5 in the Paris Test Event or the World Championships Final in Pontevedra. – Two top-12 finishes in any SCMT race.
France – Podium in Test Event. – Top 8 in Event and Top 3 in Pontevedra Championship Final. – Remaining slot announced at the end of the 2023 season based on results and podiums at SCMT events.
Germany – Up to 2 athletes in the Top 8 of the Test Event. – Up to 2 athletes in Top 8 in the Grand Final. – Top 12 of the SCMT ranking and Top 30 of the Olympic ranking.
Britain – Returning medalists who reach the podium at the 2023 Paris Test Event. – Athletes without Olympic medals must make the podium at the Test Event and the Pontevedra Final.
Italy – Top 8 in any SCMT race or Test Event.
Japan – Best positioned in the Olympic ranking at the end of the qualification period, if it is in the Top 20. – Top 8 in Test Event, Championship Final in Pontevedra or Yokohama 2024 event.
Portugal – Automatic selection for the Team in the Hamburg 2023 World Championship. – Podium in any race of the Mixed Relay Series. – Win an event of the SCMT 2024 to obtain an automatic place.
New Zealand – Podium at the Paris Test Event. – Top 8 at the Paris Test Event and at an SCMT event.
Spain – Top 8 of the Paris Test Event. – Top 12 of the Olympic ranking at the end of 2023. – Remaining places granted at discretion.
Switzerland – Two places in the Top 8 in any ACMT event. – A place in the Top 8 in the SCMT and a podium in the European Championships or in the European Games.
USA – Podium at the 2023 Paris Test Event (2 athletes). – Top 8 in the Test Event (1 athlete). – Podium in the Pontevedra 2023 Championship Final if there are still positions available.

Competition Format

Athletes will compete in a 1500m swim, a 40km bike ride, and a 10km run.

In addition, the Games Tokyo 2020 introduced an exciting innovation: the mixed relay, which has added a new dimension to this exciting sport.

Triathlon at the Paris Games

Triathlon events in Paris 2024 are scheduled for July 30-31 and August 5, and will include both individual and mixed relay competitions

For more information on triathlon at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, visit the official page.

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