Bart Aernouts and Lucy Charles win the Club La Santa Ironman Lanzarote 2017. Peru Alfaro fourth and Saleta Castro fifth

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Belgian Bart Aernouts with a comeback on the bike has achieved a clear victory on the island. Peru Alfaro has fourth and Saleta Castro fifth. Lucy Charles has mastered the test from start to finish.

Today the XXVI edition of the Club la Santa Ironman Lanzarote con the best edition of its history thanks to the presence of 6 winners of the test: Jesse Thomas (2016) Tine Holst:  (2016)   Alessando Degasperi (2015) Diana Riesler  (2015) Romain Guillaume (2014) Lucy Gossage (2014), y Víctor del Corral (2012)

Bart Aernouts winner Ironman Lanzarote

The test started at 7 in the morning with the swimming of 3,8 km to two laps where the fastest was Georgii Kaurov completing the sector in 46:58, closely followed by the Spanish Carlos López, Skechers triathlete, Peru Alfaro started 6 seconds and Stephen Bayliss to 7. Behind , Romain Guillaume started 1:31 off the lead, while Alessandro Degasperi at 3:35, Bart Aernouts at 3:36, Jesse Thomas at 3:37 and Víctor del Corral with about 9 minutes behind the leaders of the proof.

In the first kilometers of the sector cyclist, with more than 2.500 meters of positive slope, Romain Guillaume, winner of the 2014 test, in the first part of the circuit reached the leading group formed by Stephen Bayliss, Carlos Lopez, Peru Alfaro and Giorgii Kaurov to later continue alone and get in the 33 kilometer over 1 minutes of advantage over your pursuers.

swimming start Ironman Lanzarote

In the passage of 98 km Romain Guillaume led the test followed just 2 seconds away by Bart Aernouts, eighth in Kona last year, with a comeback of more than 3 and a half minutes. Jesse Thomas passed at 4:14, Alessandro Degasperi at 5:23 and Cyril Viennot +5: 35.

In the final part of the cycling, Bart Aernouts was increased his advantage to arrive at the T2 with 2: 31 of advantage on Romain Guillaume and with 7: 13 on Jesse Thomas, winner of last year in the test. Alessandro Degasperi, Cyril Viennot and Peru Alfaro arrived together at 10: 37 of the head of the race. Carlos López entered the 16 position, Xavier Torrades in the 18 and Iván Tejero in the 25. Víctor del Corral has not been able to finish the cyclist segment and has retired due to an infection that has happened these last days.

The 42 km of foot race that this year premiered new travel with only 2 laps, the first of 30 km coming to Arrecife and the second of 12 by the Avenue of Beaches to Matagorda and back to find the goal, had excitement from the beginning as Romain Guillaume with a spectacular transition in the T2 reduced the advantage of Aernouts to start running with only 30 seconds apart although in the 5 km of running it had to stop in the bathroom which caused the difference between the two to be extended again to 1: 30. On the other hand Jesse Thomas forgot to place the number so he had to return for him losing 30 seconds more.

In the first 15 km of foot race Bart Aernouts was increasing his advantage until the 4: 46 on leads Romain Guillaumey and 7: 57 on Jesse Thomas, behind Alessandro Degasperi was cutting time and already less than 2 minutes on the third of the proof. Peru Alfaro happened in fifth position to 14: 46 of Thomas.

While passing through km 21, the Belgian Bart Aernouts continued to increase his advantage until the 8 minutes over the second classified, Jesse Thomas, Alessandro Degasperi was cutting time to spend with 1 minute in third position. Romain Guillaume stepped in fourth position while Peru Alfaro made it the fifth, but quite a distance from the Frenchman.

Finally a great Bart Aernouts He managed to manage his advantage and achieved the final victory in the XXVI edition of Ironman from Lanzarote in a time of 8: 34: 13, which means the second fastest time of this test.

In the last part of the race the Italian Alexander Degasperi finally advance to Thomas, to leave alone and get the second final place with a time of 8: 43: 23 followed by the North American Jesse Thomas (8:49:02) in third position.

A spectacular Peru Alfaro with a great career sector he got the fourth final position reaching the finish line with a time of 8: 52: 31. Romain Guillaume shortly after reaching the finish line in fifth position he collapsed and they had to take him away to attend to them. We don't know its status yet, but let's hope it was just a scare.

The winner, Bart Aernouts commented on reaching the goal, "Although I got off the bike well, I did not have all of them with me since Guillaume was very fast, it's one of the most beautiful races he has participated in and I will try to return "


Peru Alfaro He told us upon arrival "It has been a two-year break, first for an operation for tonsillitis and then for a broken clavicle. This year I have prepared the test with Eneko Llanos as a coach and the forecasts and rhythms that we had planned have been fulfilled. Although I had never competed in this event, if I know it well, I have spent some time training in Lanzarote and luckily I know the circuits.

My next Ironman I have planned for July or August We'll see what the coach says!"



TOP 10 provisional

1º Bart Aernouts 8: 34: 13

2º Alessandro Degasperi 8: 43: 23

3rd Jesse Thomas 8:49:02 

4º Peru Alfaro 8: 52: 31

5th Romain Guillaume (8:57:01)

6º Samuel Huerzeler 08: 59: 07

7th Timothy Van Houtem 09:01:13

8th Cedric Lassonde 09:14:50

9th Guillaume Lecallier 09:15:46

10th Trevor Delsaut 09:19:17

Female test

As for the female test, Lucy Charles, recent winner of the Challenge Lisbon, was the clear dominator of the test from the beginning.

Lucy Charles in the Cycling Sector

Lucy Charles came out first in the water, taking the sixth overall time, completing the 3,8 km swim in 47:06, beating the second classified Kate Comber by more than 5 minutes. Saleta Castro The third came out of the water at 8:35 am from the leader of the test. Lucy Gossage finished the water at over 13 minutes and Tine Hoslt at 16.

In the cycling sector, the British was increasing the distance m, where in the 100 race km 13 minutes ahead of Jeanne Collonge and in 15 to Lucy Gossage. Saleta Castro, when she was eighth on the bike, suffered a puncture that made her lose time compared to the head of the race.

The British Lucy Charles arrived in first position at the T2 with a cycling sector of 5: 23: 29, beating the cycling record of the test achieved by Tara Norton (5:26:23) in 2010, beating Lucy Gossage at 19:47 and Jeanne Collonge at 20:19. Saleta Castro entered T2 in seventh position at 32:50 behind the British.

As for the foot race, the British has not had problems to maintain the advantage The emotion we could see in the fight for second position where Jeanne Collonge and Lucy Gossage had a nice duel for several kilometers so that finally Collonge lifted Gossage in 1 ; 45 km 20 of the race. At that point, Lucy Charles was ahead of them by more than 18 minutes.

Finally the British Lucy Charles, atelta sponsored by Skechers, got the victory in the one-time 9 test: 35: 40, with an 8 advantage: 49 over the second ranked was Corinne Abraham (9: 44: 29) and Lucy Gossage (9.50.22) winner in 2014 got the third final position.

A large Saleta Castro has achieved the fifth final place in a 10 time: 11: 15 while Patricia Bueno that debuted in the professional category ended in a tenth position.

Provisional Classification

1º Lucy Charles 9: 35: 40

2º Corinne Abraham 9: 44: 29

3º Lucy Gossage 9.50.22

4º Jeanne Collonge 10: 04: 46

5º Saleta Castro 10: 11: 45

10º Patricia Bueno 11: 38: 09



 Photo Bart Aernouts / Lucy Charles

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