Crown Sport Nutrition a company of "Science, quality and transparency"

We speak with its founder to find out where they come from

Crown Sport Nutritrion is a Spanish company specialized in the products of the sport Nutrition, which is very present in the world of triathlon.

There are several international triathletes who use their products, such as Roberto Sánchez Mantecón or Emilio Aguayo among others.

Triathlon News collaborates with them in order to publicize the importance of sports nutrition in high performance through miscellaneous items on the subject.

His philosophy: science, quality and transparency

Crown, has a wide range of products with a differential factor with a philosophy of science, quality and transparency ”.

First Spanish company to obtain the Informed Sport anti-doping certification

In addition, it was the first Spanish company to obtain the Informed Sport anti-doping certification, which is recommended by AEPSAD (Spanish Agency for the protection of Health in Sports)

Develop your products with Universities

All of his products are developed with Universities such as Greenwich and are based on scientific research, ensuring both ingredients and formulation a high level of quality in addition to being continuously innovating

Crown Sport Nutrition partners
Entities that collaborate with Crown Sport Nutrition

We speak with Pol Gieco Villegas, its founder

From TN we have talked with Pol Gieco Villegas, founder of the brand and current Executive Director to find out where they come from, how they work and how they see the future of sports nutrition

Pol Gieco Villegas
Pol Gieco Villegas

Where does Crown come from? What are its origins?

The origin of everything is the way of doing things, the values.

I am a Senior Industrial Engineer and in addition to having a scientific mind, I like to do things with quality both inside and out and always with transparency.

7 years ago, looking at the market, I realized that there was not a great scientific support in most products and that brands always tend to be not very transparent.

I am 32 years old and in our generation there is no longer any room for the non-transparent, it simply generates rejection. This philosophy of "science, quality and transparency" allowed us to start a little the other way around than everyone else; doing scientific studies.

We were able to reach an agreement with the University of Greenwich where we did several scientific studies (and we continue to do so, in addition to other universities) and one thing led to another, and attracted my current collaborators, who joined the project, and With this fantastic team, customers and society feel good about the brand and accept it. We are a family business, we do not work with investments or financing rounds. We always create value.

Crown's differential factor

The main and the one that I consider most important is that we are very transparent. This value is related to every action we take, not only with customers, but with society.

Therefore, if we put a product on the market and we are transparent, this yes or yes it has to be useful, it has to be communicated in a real way and it has to be scientifically based. Both at the level of ingredients and formulation.

In addition, the raw materials we use and the laboratories in which we manufacture are of first world level and with the IFS standard.

We are also safe; We are the first Spanish company to have the Informed Sport anti-doping certification recommended by the AEPSAD and this is not now that we have grown, this was 4 years ago when we were some inverbes.

As I said, we are always guided by "science, quality and transparency."

What is the team that develops the products like?

With the U. Greenwich bracket And together with our formulator technician, once we know that there is a need to cover, the first thing we do is evaluate what the science says.

This task is quite difficult since you need people with a lot of experience and who are up to date on scientific papers.

Reading the conclusion of a scientific study, despite being something that could not hurt our rulers, is not 100% science.

Must value everything comprehensively, assess the meta-analyzes, the method, the population in which it has been done, quantities, etc. to come to a good overall conclusion.

We have done it from the beginning and we will continue to do so.

Once it is clear what works and in what quantity, the real product is generated with the limitations of taste and price and then in certain cases, we carried out a scientific study that ended up being published in world-class scientific journals Q1 and Q2.

Some of the latest products that we have studied are the 3: 1 PRO Recovery ST and the PRE Workout PRO ST.

Does it mean that the products have 100% scientific evidence?

No, because there has only been one study done, and we would need hundreds of studies to be able to affirm it emphatically but without a doubt it generates a trend and they are based on other studies so we can say that they work and that at least we have done a scientific study.

I don't know what brand does this. It seems to me the least thing to do if you are going to sell something to someone. That person is trusting you.

Recommended products for triathlon

I am not a great recommender since despite knowing it, I do not have the authority as I am not a nutritionist or have experience but of course we work with many long distance triathletes and I know what they take.

We could divide them between basic and mandatory products that give us energy and hydration that are; gels, bars, isotonic.

Then those that are already somewhat more advanced such as caffeine, the recovery creatine and the protein and then the more pros products like All Beef and the Beta Alanine.

These products can be found on their website 

Of course, supplementation is a small part of a triathlete's overall.

First you have to train well, with good planning, rest and eat well.

I take this opportunity to say that any questions you have about supplementation you can write to us on our social networks or contact form. We provide personalized service and assistance.

Looking to the future, what will you offer the athlete and how do you see the brand?

We are aware of the current and future situation of humanity that is why our main pillar will be sustainability and always maintaining our values ​​and way of working mentioned above.

We have been researching raw materials for years and finally we just launched the Vegan PROtein +, which has a micronized texture and very good solubility and flavor for being a vegan protein.

With this we complete what I call the “world's first high performance vegan line; the Vegan PRO line ».

They are all the products that the athlete needs with ingredients of plant origin but always with maximum performance.

On the other hand, the whole issue of packaging is something that makes me think.

It hurts my heart to see the kg of containers, even though they are recyclable (we already know what is with this ...) that leave my warehouse every day.

I have several projects in mind with this topic but the technology is still very green. I hope to bring good news about it soon.

More information about Pol at:

[email protected]


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