What are the dates that are considered for the dispute of the Olympic Games?

There are 4 weeks to make the decision, celebrating them on July 24 seems almost ruled out

After yesterday, the IOC admitted that it is likely that don't hold the Tokyo games in the summer, three alternatives for its celebration are considered.

Although they have occurred 4 weeks deadline to make the decision, celebrating them on July 24 seems almost ruled out

The most likely month of October

According to the newspaper AS, The IOC is shuffling 3 options, the first postpone it tol october, the second celebrate them in 2021 and the third in 2022.

It seems like the first option is the preferred one (Tokyo 1964 were held in October), but it can collide with great sports (NBA, tennis, golf ...) that aspire to continue being disputed on those dates.

The Japanese government will also have a lot to say as there are many economic interests. Japan had invested some 35.000 million euros to date in the event.

"The suspension is not on the agenda"

In the statement published yesterday, they said

“In light of the worsening situation worldwide, the IOC Executive has taken the first step in planning possible scenarios."

For his part, Bach sent a letter to the athletes in which he acknowledges that “human lives take precedence over everything”.

"Itl IOC, in cooperation with the Organizing Committee of Tokyo 2020, the Japanese authorities and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, will initiate detailed discussions to complete its assessment of the rapidly evolving global health situation and its impact on the Olympic Games, including the postponement scenario.“, they point out from Lausanne.

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