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Trainer Course in Triathlon, Half Ironman and Ironman

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Javier Gómez Noya's coach, Carlos Prieto is among the teachers who will give the training.

On September 17, the second edition of the "Triathlon coach course, half Ironman and Ironman", taught by the Sports and Life Institute.

In the course, students will be able to strengthen their critical and systematic thinking about training process y recovery in triathlon for all distances. They will also be able to value performance of a triathlete at every moment of the season. Ground the training prescription based on the latest scientific evidence and finally being able to interpret and apply strategies that help improve the triathlete in a competitive environment.

Poster of the Trainer Course for Triathlon, Half Ironman and IronmanHere are the seven teachers in charge of teaching the course:

Dr. José Miota Ibarra
Mario Mola physiotherapist, Carolina Routier and his training team.

Carlos Prieto
Coach of Javier Gómez Noya, Pablo Dapena and Vicente Hernández

Dr. Alberto García Bataller
Olympic Triathlon Coach in Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008.

Dr. Diego Moreno Pérez
Professor at the Pontifical University of Comillas and Professor in the Master of Nutrition and Training at the UEM.

  1. Mr. Sinuhé Haro Frías
    Bachelor of CC in Physical Activity and Sports. Triathlete.
  2. Mr. Daniel Escaño Martín
    Professor of the Master in Training and Sports Nutrition of the UEM and nutritionist of high competition athletes.
  3. Mr. Rubén Moreno
    Professor of Psychopedagogy and Sports Psychology at the European University and Psychologist of elite athletes.

The course is intended to

  • Graduates, Graduates, Graduates and Masters in Physical Education
  • Undergraduate students in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences
  • Sports technicians (coaches triathlon, swimming, cycling, athletics, etc.)
  • Physiotherapists and kinesiologists or students of these professions
  • Triathletes interested in their training and formation

The course it's 100% online, with live classes taught by teachers. The registration deadline is until October 15. Students will be able to consult the recorded talks and ask any questions they have through the forum where they will be in relation to the speakers.

Registration is done through the platform GSE In the next link.

More information: Triathlon, Half Ironman and Ironman Trainer Course


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