Daniela Ryf Ironman World Champion for the fourth time in a row

Daniela has become the fastest triathlete in history in the Hawaii Ironman winning with 8:26:18, lowering the previous record of the test that she herself held since 20 by 2016 minutes

After the historic victory of Patric Lange in Kona, becoming the fastest triathlete in history with a 7 time: 52: 39, the Swiss Daniela Ryf has achieved victory in the women's event, thus achieving its fourth world title in a row

He has also beaten the cyclist record of the test by completing the 180 km of the sector in 4: 26: 07. Arrebatándoselo Karin Thuerig (04: 44: 19) achieved in 2011.

Lucy Charles managed to break the segment record with a time of 48:14, beating the one achieved in 1999 by Jodi Jackson (0:48:43). In the general he has achieved the tenth best time,

The second to get out of the water was Lauren Brandon at 2:52 followed by Teresa Adam at 3:45. Daniela Ryf left at 9:12 minutes from Lucy Charles in the water. It was said that he might have suffered a jellyfish sting in the water. Gurutze Frades 36 came out at 16:48 p.m. 10 minutes from the top 10.

Once on the bike, Lucy Charles was increasing her advantage to go through the 31 kilometer with 7: 31 ahead of Brandon and Crowley. Daniela Ryf passed 12ª to 10 minutes from the British.

Little by little Ryf was tracing positions for the one in kilometer 70 to pass already in second position along with Crowley to 8 minutes of Lucy Charles.

The Swiss was still cutting differences, passing 6 minutes in the descent of Hawi (km 111), where last year he rallied at this point about 5 minutes compared to the British.

In the rest of the segment we could see how Ryf was cutting time in each kilometer that passed to finally surpass it in the last kilometers of the segment and reach T2 as leader and achieving the segment record with a time of 4:26:07. Snatching it from Karin Thuerig (04:44:19) achieved in 2011. Lucy Charles entered second at 1:38 behind the Swiss.

As a data, the first four women (Ryf, Charles, Abraham, Crowle) have run under Thuerig's time in the cycling sector.

In the career sector Daniela Ryf has not had a rival, increasing his advantage to get the victory in a time of 8: 26: 16. Lucy Charles (8: 36: 32) was second 

In the career sector Daniela Ryf has not had a rival, increasing his advantage to get the victory in a time of 8: 26: 16 Lucy Charles (8:36:32) was second followed by Anne Haug (8: 41: 57) occupying the third final position. 

 The only Spanish representative in the test Gurutze Frades finished in 24 position, making a great comeback in the race on foot  

Pro Women - Finish - Top 20

    1 8:26:18 Daniela Ryf          
    2 8:36:34 10:17 Lucy Charles         
    3 8:41:58 15:41 Anne Haug            
    4 8:43:43 17:26 Sarah True           
    5 8:50:45 24:28 Mirinda Carfrae      
    6 8:52:30 26:13 Sarah Crowley        
    7 8:54:28 28:11 Kaisa Sali           
    8 8:57:36 31:18 Angela Naeth         
    9 8:57:55 31:38 Corinne Abraham      
   10 8:58:58 32:41 Linsey Corbin        
   11 9:01:57 35:40 Sarah Piampiano      
   12 9:06:20 40:03 Liz Blatchford       
   13 9:06:35 40:18 Mareen Hufe          
   14 9:09:16 42:58 Heather Jackson      
   15 9:10:23 44:06 Maja Stage Nielsen   
   16 9:11:52 45:35 Helle Frederiksen    
   17 9:12:09 45:52 Laura Siddall        
   18 9:12:53 46:36 Teresa Adam          
   19 9:16:31 50:14 Asa Lundstrom        
   20 9:16:36 50:19 Jodie Robertson 

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