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Spanish landing at Club La Santa IRONMAN 70.3 Lanzarote

Some of the best runners in the world will take the start in the race



Next Saturday will be held on the island of Lanzarote a new edition of the Club La Santa IRONMAN 70.3 Lanzarote. This year the participation of triathletes in Spanish elite category is high, we have put ourselves in direct contact with them and they to know firsthand what is what has impelled them to choose this race and how they meet to face it.

We begin with men:

Three of them qualified for the Hawaii Ironman 2015 are Eneko Llanos, Victor del Corral and Clemente Alonso.

Eneko Llanos    

Eneko Llanos ironman 70.3 Lanzarote

A sure value that never disappoints. We could say that he is one of the most constant triathletes in terms of results, always in the lead with the best of the world elite.

He tells us that he is well, being in full preparation for the Ironman of Hawaii, doing good workouts and without health problems. He believes that he will arrive in good conditions at Lanzarote's 70.3, although it is not a test that he can prepare specifically since the main objective is Hawaii three weeks later.

This 70.3 Ironman seems like a good time to try and see the sensations that can have in competition, making an effort of intensity in preparation for Hawaii.

"Being in Lanzarote, it is always more motivating and after having seen the test last year live, this year I come with desire"

Victor del Corral

Victor del Corral ironman 70.3 Lanzarote

He will be the only elite triathlete who has participated in the four editions of the 70.3 Ironman Lanzarote. Regular on the island and training under the orders of the one who was one of the "greats" of the distance Bella Bayliss

For Víctor “this test is special because of the atmosphere that is breathed on the island” He runs through hard circuits on which he trains most of the year and he likes that very much.

He has been preparing for the test but in recent weeks he has had a foot injury, which has not allowed him to run for a while, therefore he does not know how that will affect his final performance in the test.

Clemente Alonso

Clemente Alonso ironman 70.3 Lanzarote

The first Spaniard to qualify for the next edition of the Hawaii Ironman. This being his third participation in the mythical triathlon. Let's hope that the injury that has kept him out of the competition allows him to arrive in full physical condition.

Clemente told us that he is in the middle of the hardest preparation facing Kona and is quite tired, apart, his preparation on foot is delayed. "The idea in Lanzarote is not to rest a lot and put in a quality training for Hawaii".

He has chosen this 70.3 Ironman because it is close to his place of residence, which allows him to travel without disrupting training with long trips. For him it is always a pleasure to be in Lanzarote.

Continuing with the elite category, we find other important names in the Spanish triathlon: Albert Moreno Molins, Ricardo Hernández and Stephen Bayliss, although the latter is not Spanish, he has established his residence on the Island (together with his wife and coach, the former pro Bella Bayliss) being a regular in the tests that are organized in Lanzarote.

 Albert Moreno Molins

Albert Moreno ironman 70.3 Lanzarote

He has settled in the long distance in a solid way despite his youth and it seems that hard circuits are phenomenal to his characteristics.

Albert tells us that he has chosen the Lanzarote test for belonging to the 70.3 Ironman world circuit that is in the national territory and that therefore moving to run there is easier.

On several occasions he has been able to enjoy training on the island and for what he more or less controls where the race will take place.

He is in good shape, as his Top 10 corroborates in the World Championship and although he is not currently preparing this test specifically, he wants to see how his body responds to fatigue. Still, it says that: "I will give everything and let the race itself be in charge of saying what my result is"

Ricardo Hernández

Ricardo Hernandez ironman 70.3 Lanzarote

It's the "Rookie" of this edition. Canario, from Tenerife, regular triathlete in the National Triathlon National Team competitions, who is particularly excited to make his debut at this distance.

He has chosen Lanzarote for clear reasons, it is his land and for being the race in which a triathlete whom he admires also made his debut: Iván Raña.

For him the result is unknown, he has been testing at shorter distances and this will be the first on the 1900m swim distance, 90 km on the bike and the 21 km on foot race, he does not know his performance.

It tells us that: "I come excited and motivated, especially because I want to ride the goat and see my level in a test of these characteristics, with important people and learn from them"

Stephen Bayliss

Stephen Bayliss ironman 70.3 Lanzarote

"The local" resides on the island together with his wife and son. His performance will be unknown, according to his wife and coach: Bella Bayliss. Stephen has been in bad shape and that has affected his physical preparation for the competition season.

He has just arrived at the Weymouth Challengue where he got a final seventh place, but says "Not being completely satisfied with the result." In Lanzarote he wants to find again those good feelings in the race after having left behind the pneumonia that forced him to be admitted to the hospital for a couple of weeks this beginning of the season.

En female elite category We also meet well-known names within the Spanish triathlon. Saleta Castro, Marina Damlaimcourt and Dolça Olle.

Saleta Castro

Saleta Castro ironman 70.3 Lanzarote

Until a few months ago she has lived on the island, so she knows the circuit perfectly, for her it will be like running at home.

He says he is quite well. He has trained a lot this summer and his feelings are good, but in a Half Ironman a lot can happen.

He hopes to have a good race, he knows the route very well and he likes it very much. Expect the wind to behave well and not blow them as much as the Ironman's day.

He also tells us: "I would be happy to do a good race in general (apart from the position) and especially enjoy the island, which I miss already "

Marina Damlaimcourt

Marina Damlaicourt ironman 70.3 Lanzarote

With an Olympic Games behind him and years dedicated to Olympic distance has made the leap to the Media, this year seeks to settle in this type of evidence.

You have chosen this test because it presents a good international level of participants that allows you to continue gaining experience in the medium distance and at the same time it is close in terms of travel from your place of residence. By dates it fits into your training and competition planning. Get to know the island, the circuit and you want to compete in Lanzarote.

As for his expectations about the result of the race he wants to do well, get a good final position, although his main objective is to continue adding experience in this distance for next year.

She is well trained and eager although she is not one hundred percent fit, since after Austria she has had to lower the training load due to some physical problem. Still it tells us that:

 "I hope to get the best possible and be able to compete at the top "

Aida Valiño

Aida Valiño ironman 70.3 Lanzarote


Already fully recovered from your accident, try to measure yourself with the best in this test

"Well, I was looking for an 70,3 and I saw that Lanzarote could fit well and measure me not only with people at a national level."

Dolça Olle

Dolça Olle ironman 70.3 Lanzarote

It is another of the usual in long distance triathlons, a triathlete with very good performance in competition that every year is more.

Dolça tells us that he wanted to try a race in the Ironman franchise. Last year at the Guadalajara Triathlon he got an invitation for this event. Planning the season with his coach, the tests for this end of the season were reduced, thanks to that invitation and that last year I participated in the Ocean Lava, which was very good, has decided for this 70.3 Ironman Lanzarote.

During the summer it is easier to train and can make better use of training sessions.

“I am feeling well and I am looking forward to going to Lanzarote to have a good race and to be able to compete with international level girls of this distance"

Natalia Raña / Karl McCarthy 

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