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  • Lanzarote cycling tour

Duel of roosters in the third edition of the Triathlon of La Rioja

#WineTri repeat the 2017 champion, Joan Ruvireta and 2018, Gustavo Rodríguez.

This Saturday at the 14: 40 will start at the Ebro pier, in Logroño, the third Triathlon of La Rioja. An edition that will be close as it will have many favorites to victory, with the best three of last year, Gustavo Rodríguez, Alejandro Santamaría y Cristóbal Dios; and the best of the previous one, Joan Ruvireta, among other great triathletes.

This test scoring for the Spanish Cup also will have a nice fight, very open between several candidates to be the champion of La Rioja.

The WineTri does not stop growing and this year has reached the goal of increasing participation and will be more 600 athletes, more than 50 girls, those who swim in the Ebro (1'9km), will travel by bike La Rioja (90km) to finish running in the central streets of Logroño (21km).

In the area of ​​the old town the triathletes will be passing between the 18 and the 21 hours so the atmosphere will be assured. What is also planned is a sunny day, with temperatures not very warm, so the expected climate is the perfect for the practice of triathlon.

 As for the program, the first exit will be to the 14: 40 when the female category starts the swim segment. At the 14: 50 will be the elite male category, and shortly after the other participants.

It is expected that the bike path will start at the 15: 10 and will be back at the Adarraga sports center around the 17: 30. After leaving the bikes will complete the last 21kms to know who is the winner and the winner on the 19: 30. These schedules are approximate because until 22: 30 is not expected to finish the race.


One of the most problematic points that the La Rioja Triathlon can generate are the traffic cuts for the correct development of the test. For this reason, the organization informs that on Saturday from the 15h to the 16: 30, the streets of Vara del Rey (direction Lardero) and Avenida Madrid (direction Lardero) will be cut off.

Therefore, you can only go by the N-111 to Lardero. The service roads of the N-111, the ascent to the Joto (Sorzano direction) and the LR-341 highway that connects the following towns will also be affected: Sorzano, Sojuela, Medrano, Daroca, Hornos de Moncalvillo, Sotés and Ventosa.

Then the N120A will also be cut to Huércanos and the LR-113 to Uruñuela to Cenicero. Then the cycling tour will continue through the Rioja Alavesa, direction Elciego, Laguardia and Lapuebla de Labarca to return next to the Ebro by the A-4202 and N-232A in Logroño sense.

 The Triathlon of La Rioja thanks all the towns where it goes through the environment that give test and take care of the security of the test, as well as the City of Logroño and all volunteers and collaborators that make it possible for a third edition of a WineTri that does not stop growing and that hooks all the triathletes who take part.

Further information: http://triatlonlarioja.com/  

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