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  • Lanzarote cycling tour

ECOTRIMAD From within! Interview with Ramiro Lahera and Joaquín Peces.

The Madrid middle distance test faces a new edition

One more year, ECOTRIMAD returns, the pioneer of medium distance in Madrid, which, as its creators tell us Joaquín Peces y Ramiro Lahera, was born from an idea among friends at the end of 2009 and it would take 1 year and a half to be formalized.

Times change and what used to be a medium distance, is now a multidistance weekend, hosting on Saturday a Olympic without Drafting or with a Middle distance Madrid Championship, and on Sunday a Sprint, an Olympic Championship of Madrid, and a special TriKids that is part of the school games of Madrid and that this year will be the end of it.

The event takes place in the town of Buitrago de Lozoya, north of Madrid in the Sierra de Guadarrama, being its environment the main attraction of the event, with spectacular circuits, where dams and walls of the old town are crossed.

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The distance is also somewhat special, since it does not offer the classic 90 Km in the cycling segment, being 74 Km the distance in the longest of the tests and the one that gave rise to it, with a link and 2 turns to a beautiful circuit, with continuous steep slopes and climbs that will not make the triathletes think that kilometers are missing.

The 20 Km of final race to two laps will pass 50% by asphalt and 50% by dirt roads, passing 2 times by the wall of the dam of Riosequillo with spectacular views and surroundings.La swimming, of 1.900 m in the average distance, returns this year to Riosequillo reservoir.

A triathlon that emerges from triathletes and with great affection has come to get a reference in Spain in the middle distance, thanks to the environment and the good work of the organization. Do not miss the next video where its creators tell us about the test.

More information: http://ecotrimad.com/

Photo: Cano Fotosport

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