• Lanzarote cycling tour
  • Lanzarote cycling tour

Ecotrimad, a triathlon party with 6 different competitions.

The next 16 and 17 in June will be held the 8th edition of the Ecotrimad, with the possibility of competing in 6 different tests: medium distance, Olympic (are and without drafting), sprint, relays and end of the school circuit.

The first edition of Ecotrimad took place in 2011, with the triumph of two of the most important Spanish triathletes in history Marcel Zamora y Ana Burgos. Year after year, the competition has grown to become one of the reference triathlons of the entire national territory, reaching 5 tests of different distances that will take place over two days.

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El Saturday June 16 will be the tests of greater distance, the classic Ecotrimad of Media Distancia that will be the Madrid MD Championship, the Olympic Triathlon without drafting and the relay triathlon.

Circuits Ecotrimad MD

The swimming will be one round in the reservoir of Riosequillo with the town of Buitrago de Lozoya next, one of themore spectacular atations that can be made in Spain.

The route of the bicycle are 74 km. (two laps of 37km.) with a accumulated altitude of 1.150 meters approximately, with continuous slides. It also highlights the passage through the wall of 2 dams (El Villar and Puentes Viejas) and through an area of ​​the Sierra Pobre in Madrid.

As far as the running race is concerned this year the race on foot is softer and flatter, with one 50% asphalt and another 50% for hard dirt tracks. It will consist of a climb that starts in the pits and goes directly through the Riosequillo dam, where the triathletes will cross in this part to enter a small ring of dirt road that ends parallel to the water before returning to the wall. There will be two laps and in each round you pass through the finish area of ​​the Gredos School. 

Ecotrimad Olympic circuits (without drafting)

LThe three segments will be carried out in the same circuits as the Ecotrimad MD, but only one round in the cycle segment (37 km) and one in the foot race (10km)

El Sunday 17 three other tests will be held, the distance sprint triathlon, the Olympic Distance Madrid Championship and the Ecotrikids School Triathlon Grand Final.

Both the sprint and the Olympic swimming will be in the Riosequillo reservoir, as will the tests on Saturday, where the triathletes will complete the 750 or 1.500 respectively. Subsequently, the cycling sector will be on the road of Mangirón on a round trip circuit of 9,5 km.

The sprint consists of 2 laps (19km) and the Olympic 4 (38km). Finally, the race of both triathlons will run between the streets of Buitrago de Lozoya and the reservoir of Riosequillo. With the goal located near the College Gredos.

Provisional schedules pending confirmation at 100%:

June 16 Saturday: Medium distance tests

  • 11: 40 h. 1ª Olympic start without male drafting (from Junior to 35 / 39 included)
  • 11: 45 h. 2ª Olympic start without male drafting (from 40 / 44 to 60 / 64 included)
  • 11: 47 h. Olympic exit without female drafting
  • 12: 40 h. Elite Male Half Distance
  • 12: 42 h. Women's Outing (Elite and GGEE) Average Distance
  • 12: 50 h Male GGEE output
  • 12: 55 h. Relay and Open Media Distance.

Sunday 17 of June: Test distance sprint (federated and not federated), Cto. Madrid Olympic distance WITH drafting and Grand Final of Ecotrikids School Triathlon.

  •  09: 00 Exit Triathlon Sprint Masc
  • 09: 03 Exit Triathlon Fem
  • 11: 45 Olympic Distance Test Call Camera with Drafting Cto. from Madrid
  • 12: 10 Elite and Junior Men's Output Cto. Madrid Olympic distance
  • 12: 12 Male GGEE output up to 30-34
  • 12: 14 Male GGEE Rest Exit
  • 12: 16 Out Women Elite Junior and GGEE
  • 12: 40 Output Male Cadets
  • 12: 42 Female Cadet Output

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More information: http://ecotrimad.com/

Photo: Cano FotoSports

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