“Whether the Olympic Games can be held or not depends on whether humanity can defeat the coronavirus”

This was stated by the president of the committee in charge of organizing the Tokyo Olympics, Yoshiro Mori in an interview for the Japanese media N HK

Mori wanted to emphasize the importance of improving the situation for their celebration.

"If the current situation continues, we could not“, admitted the ex-politician when asked by the named media, who was slightly annoyed when talking about assumptions. “It would be too much for us to answer these hypothetical questions".

Mori established the 'conditions' for the JJ OO to take place.

However, Mori went further and established the 'conditions' so that the JJ OO can be held.

"Itl Whether the Olympics can be held or not  it depends on whether humanity can defeat the coronavirus. Specifically, develop a vaccine or drug comes first”he declared.

The first forecasts of deadlines for the vaccine are positive, since the researchers venture to indicate that this could be ready between the months of January and March 2021, something that Mori considers “key”.

The controversy that athletes get the vaccine

However, there is also controversy that athletes have to be the priority to receive it ... and if they agree to get vaccinated.

In this way, and after several warnings from the organization, not reaching 2021 with minimum virus control conditions would be fatal for the Games.

They will not be postponed again, it will be the definitive cancellation

From Tokyo they have already assured that the Olympic event will not be postponed again and the alternative would be the definitive cancellation.

Interestingly, that would be the second time in history that Tokyo had to cancel the event, eighty years ago, in 1940, when World War II thwarted the Games.

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