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Triathlon helps Button to become a better F1 driver

The 2009 world champion, Jenson Button, says that doing triathlons helps him improve as a Formula 1 driver. The Englishman started competing after a disastrous season at 2008 with Honda. Since then he has participated in numerous endurance events, reaching third place in the Ironman World Championship in the group corresponding to his age.

The current McLaren driver has not stopped doing triathlon, and even this year he has organized his own: Trust Triathlon, in Luton Hoo. According to his own Button, It is a good way to prepare as a driver of the highest automotive specialty.

"For me, in large part, it's to improve my physical condition, which helps mentally when I get into a Formula 1 car; it really makes a difference"He says.

But above all, he does it for pure love of sport"When I faced the triathlon I knew that if I trained hard I could succeed“, he declares to This is Somerset. “I really got into it, I was hooked. I just love sports, and over the years I have become more competitive".

Unlike other teams, which are forbidden to ride their other sports for fear of injury, Jenson says that McLaren understands and supports you"The team knows my love for triathlon and knows what makes me a better driver and a better person. They understand perfectly".


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