The Cantabrian triathlon gala closes the 2012 season

The Cantabrian Triathlon Federation closed the season yesterday with the celebration of its annual gala, in which the awards were given to the most prominent athletes and clubs of this 2012. At the gala, which was held at the Maremondo restaurant in Santander, the good moment that this sport is going through in the region was highlighted, with more than 360 licenses, 17 clubs and 43 tests held, the highest figure ever.

Pepín Fuentes Pila and Cristina Alles, in duathlon; Mikel Calahorra and Inma Pereiro in medium distance triathlon; Marcos Mendiola and Sandra Garrido, in Acuatlón; Fernando García Aja and Estefanía Gómez as regional triathlon champions and again García Aja, along with Inma Pereiro (in duathlon-cross) were the most outstanding athletes. García Aja and Estefanía Gómez won the Caja Cantabria Triathlon Circuit.
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