The Jaca-Candanchú Winter Triathlon is celebrated, but it leaves the 2013 Circuit

The Pirineista Mayencos Club, organizer of the Winter Triathlon Jaca-Candanchú, is making arrangements to organize the test on the first available date, which will not be until the month of April. With two tests of the 2013 Winter Triathlon Circuit, one in Isaba and another in Ansó, and the Easter holidays, its celebration is not possible in March.



Given the advanced date, and that in April the cross-country season is practically finished for the majority, the organization considers that the best option, with a view to having a minimum participation that allows to take the test forward, is that the Ski segment is made in the modality of crossing, since, given the abundance of snow, this year the season will be extended. Almost certainly, the route would consist of an ascent and subsequent descent of Monte Tobazo de Candanchú.


With the change of format, the Triathlon of Jaca-Candanchú does not correspond with the idea with which the 2013 Winter Triathlon Circuit was conceived, so the organizers of the four tests that integrated it have decided that the Winter Triathlon Jaca-Candanchú stop being a scoring test.


So, they will be the I Winter Triathlon of Vinuesa-Santa Inés, already celebrated, the III Winter Triathlon Roncal Valley, the next March 3, and the XIII Winter Triathlon "Valle de Ansó, the March 24, the three tests that score in the circuit.


Both the cash prizes and those of the categories that are announced in


On the other hand, the organization of the Winter Triathlon Valle del Roncal, which is celebrated next March 3, has decided to extend the registration period, which ended on Thursday. The new deadline will be closed upon arrival at 100 registered, or in case of not reaching that number, next Monday 25 day at 13: 00 hours, which will be definitive. At this time there are 77 registered participants.




There are no previous results.

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