Eneko Llanos: "I just want to meet again with myself in Kona"

After the great performance of Eneko Llanos in the Long Distance Triathlon World Championship held in Vitoria, the triathlete of the BH Team he has his eye on Kona and in the absence of just over three weeks, Llanos will travel to Hawaii to begin to acclimatize.

“It was difficult for me to start and get back into the rhythm of the training for Kona but little by little I was getting into the routine and feeling better in training, so the motivation and the desire returned by themselves. After having a shin splint the months before the World Cup in Vitoria-Gasteiz, I finally managed to improve and recover the tibia ”, Llanos points out on his website.

In the face of the Ironman World Championship, we already knew that the triathlete of the BH Team will compete with the 31 number. "And so, faster than expected, the days and training weeks for hawaii. This Saturday we leave for Kona, we go a little earlier than in previous years, I think that a few extra days in the Hawaiian heat and humidity will come in handy to better acclimatize to the time change and the conditions of the island. Everything has gone according to plan, I feel strong and motivated. After the bad performances of the past years, I just want to rediscover myself in Kona, enjoy the event, be able to give it my all and be competitive again in this race. Kona and Maui await us. Hello!”

To fly with the Aerolight

Although in recent weeks he was already able to compete with her, this week Eneko has met his next companion in fatigues and new best friend, the Aerolight. A piece of machine that she has not left indifferent and that is how she pointed it out on her Twitter: “Fast, rigid and light like my" ex "(GC Aero), but she also likes to put on makeup and get pretty. She has been a crush”.

Now we just want to see him fly with her in the Ironman World Championship.

Source: bhtriathlon.com

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