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Fernando Alarza: "The objective of this year is to be among the three best triathletes in the World, but mainly to be World Champion"

The manchego triathlete has been top5 in the last three world championships, highlighting the 2016 bronze medal. This season his goal is to return to the podium and fight to be world champion.

Two weeks after the beginning of the WTS with the appointment of Abu Dhabi we have interviewed Fernando Alarza who has told us how are these months of preseason and what are their goals in this 2018. The talaverano faces a new season where he will look to take another step in his sports career and will try to fight for the world title.

He has won WTS, has been podium several times, bronze medal in 2016, their numbers speak for themselves of the great potential of Fernando, who has three seasons fighting with the best in the world and 2018 sure is also.

Hello Fernando, how is the preseason going? Have you modified anything with respect to other years?

The preseason is going pretty well, with much desire to get in action in the competitions. Since last season we have done training in height, which in turn, since last August, I accompany my daily work with hypoxia training thanks to Ialtitude, which allows me to have the mountain at home throughout the year.

Fernando Alarza running race

The WTS season is very long with competitions from March to September. How do you approach the year with several spikes in form?

Mainly our planning is based on a pre-season with a higher volume of training, which decreases as we go deeper into the season; On the other hand, the more specific and quality trainings take on a sense closer to weeks of competition, where we look for peaks in a specific way.

Last year Kristian Blummenfelt was the great revelation, winning the bronze medal in the WTS overall. How can the "arrival" of this new triathlete capable of fighting face to face with you, with Mario, with Javi and the Brownlees?

The truth is that the arrival of these triathletes with that quality and that desire to fight to the end for everything is what makes this sport exciting, in which there is that variety and competitiveness among many that makes us improve every year.

Fernando Alarza on the bike

What is the main objective for this season?

The objective of this year is to return to be among the three best triathletes in the World, but mainly to be World Champion.

Several of the WTS greats such as Alistair, Blummenfelt, Chente (Noya already years ago) debuted last year in MD. You did it at 2016 in Zarautz. Do you have any plans to run a Media Distance test this year?

Yes, this year I would like to do a medium distance triathlon again

With Omar and the rest of training partners you spend seasons training in height in Sierra Nevada, what extra benefit does this type of training bring?

When training in height, having a lower partial pressure of oxygen the body adapts to it, and when lowering, there is a greater concentration of red blood cells and hemoglobin that promotes or promotes performance.

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