Interview with Jorge Pereira, organizer of the Ironman 70.3 of Cascais-Portugal

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Cascais is a mythical city in the Portuguese triathlon, being the place where it "was born" in triathlon in Portugal more than thirty years ago.

The next 3 in September will be held the first edition of the Ironman 70.3 Cascais Portugal, in the town of Cascais located just over 30 km west of Lisbon.

To know a little more about where this test came from andOnocer first hand the key points of the test, we have done an interview Jorge Pererira, organizer of the test.

Jorge Pereira

Good morning Jorge, a few months ago that you announced the creation of the Ironman 70.3 of Cascais, in one of the cities with more tradition in triathlon in Portugal. What was the reason for Ironman-Wanda to focus on Cascais to host this competition?

Here in Cascais we had the first triathlon tests in Portugal in the 80 years, because it is a place with very good characteristics for this modality. You can swim safely protected by the bay, cycle through a cycle or road ideal for cyclists and run through incredible places, flat or mountainous, near the sea. World Triathlon Corporation looks for places where the experience of the athlete marks it forever, that it is an unforgettable day, that meets exceptional conditions to compete and that families and companions enjoy.

All this we have in the Ironman 70.3 of Cascais. In addition, the experience we have in organizing tests, probably the best in Portugal, has been a determining factor in choosing us.

Could you tell us a bit about the city of Cascais?

Cascais is a fishing village, a paradise that was far from fame until the Portuguese royal family discovered the charms. In the nineteenth century the court and all the aristocracy began to live here in summer, and the noblest families stayed.

Ironman beach 703 cascais

King D. Carlos had a great passion for the sea and nature, here we started with sports in many modalities such as football, tennis, and also the first time that Portugal had electricity in the streets was in Cascais.

Now Cascais is cosmopolitan, with the beauty of some modernity, but with the charms of history over 650 years. The white sand beaches, the restaurants, the walks on foot by the mountain, the surf, museums, ... there is much to enjoy!

What kind of competition awaits athletes? Could you describe the circuits of the test?

Swimming is in Rolling Start for times in 1 lap with Australian exit in Duquesa beach, ending in the transition in the Marina.

The T1 is done in the direction of Lisbon, they are 90km to a return almost totally flat. The first 45 km have some rise, but in general everything is quite flat until the Circuit of F1 and Moto GP of Estoril. After this point you enter a broken area with a couple of short but hard slopes in the Blue Lake and in the Biscaia area. Finally there are some favorable kilometers until the T2 in Cascais.

Cascais foot race

The race on foot are 2 laps. He leaves again along Marginal Street, enters a little bit on the promenade near the beach and returns to Marginal. It is almost flat, has few slopes and ends in the Bay of Cascais, where we have a great party prepared for everyone.

In addition to the IM 70.3 there will be another sporting event such as children's tests, etc ...?

We will have the IRONKIDS Portugal, an Aquathlon for children from 7 to 15 years on Saturday 2 day in the morning. The goal will be the same as the IRONMAN 70.3 test, an emotion for children.

What other services does the organization have for athletes and companions?

Since Thursday the IRONMAN Village is open, with merchandising and stores of many sports brands and the Global Triathlon Conference begins for 2 days, where current issues will be discussed in several debates at the Paula Rego Auditorium. Everyone can sign up on our side events website.

Friday is the Welcome Banquet, opening of the event. Here only the companions pay, and Sunday is the day of the big party in goal, with our cheerleaders and music. To close the event, we will have the Award Ceremony and party with music and a very good rock band. Dinner can be purchased at the store or at the registration store.

Beaches in Cascais

Finally, what message could we send to our readers to encourage them to travel to Cascais to compete in the Ironman 70.3?

The triathletes and companions are special people, we understand very well what they feel and everything they work to reach the dream of being finishers. The dream is going to become a reality here, with everything we prepare, with the beautiful place we have, but also because we know how to welcome athletes in Cascais. We want you to have a great test and that families can also have an incredible vacation. Come for a reason, stay for many!

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