Miquel Blanchart chooses Challenge Salou to start the season

Miquel will seek to make his best time in the cycling sector in a medium distance triathlon

The Catalan triathlete Miquel Blanchart will participate the next May 28 in Challenge Salou, medium distance triathlon, to prepare your season and we wanted to ask you about your participation in the test and your goals for 2017.

Why did you choose Challenge Salou to start the season?

It seemed an ideal competition in terms of proximity, environment and test characteristics. It is a good way to start the season and be able to assess if we are on the right track, as well as polish possible deficiencies that we observe. The season is long and there is time to make changes although, as always, everything will have to be given, without exception.

Surely you will go for the victory in Challenge Salou, what do you think are the key points of the race??

The key would be to make my personal best in the cycling segment in this half distance, always ensuring the arrival in good conditions to face the half marathon with guarantees.

The good weather you are supposed to do for those dates can also be a plus.

Miquel Blanchart in the cycling sector of an Ironman

5 tips that you would give to someone who debuted in the test

-          Have done a good planning of training

-          Know your career rhythms

-          Know how your body would respond to the limit during a test of about 5 hours

-          Feeling positive and wanting to compete and enjoy

-          Be humble during the competition

With the goal set in Kona, how do you approach this season?

This will be a complicated season, considering the existing level in all the Ironman circuit tests, it is very difficult to get the precious points for the classification. Anyway, we can assure you that the main course will be between July and August.

Have you participated in multiple medium and long distance races around the world, what do you think the Challenge brand brings to the triathlete in which they compete in Spain?

Challenge represents for the triathlete who ventures in long distance a very good alternative to the classic Ironman franchise, offering an excellent organization and ensuring a top-notch competition


Challenge Salou already has less than 300 seats available to close registrations

Photo: Feliz Sánchez / Pierre Moulierac

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