Miquel Blanchart "the reference test in Spain has always been and is IRONMAN Lanzarote"

We interviewed the Catalan triathlete about his participation in the race where he will look for victory in his third participation



The next 23 of May the Catalan triathlete Miquel Blanchart will contest its third Ironman Lanzarote where 2º has been in the last two editions with the intention of emulating Eneko Llanos y Victor del Corral and be the third Spaniard to win the victory in Puerto del Carmen. Before the big date we talked with Miquel who told us how his preparation has been these months and how he faces the Lanzarote competition

- Good morning Miquel, how about everything? Inevitably the first question can not be other than how you ended last season in which you disputed 5 IM, finishing with two of them in just 8 days. How was the recovery after that hard effort?

The truth that from the first moment the recovery was very studied for a few months with my coach Carles Tur. We knew that the order of the tests was important since the IM of Mallorca was more demanding than Barcelona, ​​we made a tappering very well raised the previous two weeks with high carbohydrate recovery and a high percentage of protein, in addition to iron supplementation and vitamins. Also very important was the daily work of physiotherapy at the hands of Ars Salut.

- How have the trainings been in these months prior to Lanzarote?

These months we have focused on some concentrations, the first was in January in Mallorca where I spent about 10 days training with a professional MTN-Qhubeka cycling team where we made the first important cycling block which is my weak point and in this concentration I I worked a lot. After a month and a half we did another stage in Lanzarote for two weeks and finally in mid-April we will do a concentration in height in Font Romeu before the Lanzarote competition.


Miquel Blanchart

- What are your main objectives for this 2015?

The main objective is to qualify for the IM World Cup in Hawaii, for this I will run the IM of Lanzarote, then an 70.3 in Kraichgau in Germany in preparation for the IM of Fankfurt where I hope to obtain enough points to close the classification to Kona.

- What are the reasons that lead you to compete again in Lanzarote?

The first reason is that since childhood I started training triathlon the reference test in Spain has always been and is Lanzarote, also since I made my debut on the island 2 seasons is a test that I like very much, especially for the sense it has for me the triathlon: "An island, the wind, the hardness of the circuit, the history of this race, etc ..." and I also saw that I was good at this race, which could manage a lot of "the hardships" of cycling with a solid run on foot


Miquel Blanchart


- It's funny that being cycling your "weaker" segment attracts you so much an IM for "cyclists" with such a hard circuit ...

Yes, well, the truth is that the times that I have done it have been good for me. A test so hard that there may be "explosions" in the marathon for those who pedal ... and becomes a competition "to see who can stand the KO better"

- As a result of your experiences in Lanzarote, what have you learned for this year?

After two runners-up in this 2015 I go with the intention of winning, from the experience of other years I hope to be a bit better in cycling and also try to get closer to the head of the race after swimming. I must manage well the time that in theory I get the first in the T2, I hope to get to less than 15 'of the head of race, I trust then muco in my marathon to be able to fight for the victory.

- What do you think is the area where the most damage can be done to the bicycle?

My favorite area is the Timanfaya National Park, where you are still "fresh" but the star point is when you start to face the Mirador del Rio, the previous ramps and then you have the coastal road that goes to the Nazaret area. It is the point where the differences are most open and where you can lose the race. To finish the last 15km you already want to get off the bike whatever it takes.

And how do you face the marathon?

I tell myself that I have to be humble, "do not go too smart" and I start to run from less to more, trying to go under 4 'the km. The truth is that I have a lot of confidence in my running career.

- Finally, what advice can you give to the thousands of participants who will be on Sunday with you and the rest of PROs at the exit of Puerto del Carmen?

The first thing is that they are not afraid of the race, but without losing respect for the Ironman, the toughness eradicates in the test itself, the distance and the time. Swimming without stress, by bike, start calm, with a good rhythm, without haste but without pause and always saving for the marathon. Even if they have some "rush" on the bike, they manage it well and manage the efforts. In short "be humble and reserve."

- Thank you very much for the interview Miquel, see you next 23 May in Puerto del Carmen. Many moods.

Thanks to you and greetings to all readers of Triatlon News.

Juan José Martí Ship

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