Rubén Ruzafa: "Right now I have specialized in XTerra and Cros Triathlon"

Rubén Ruzafa demonstrated in the 2013 a great adaptation to the triathlon and in this 2014 he has achieved several victories in the Xterra circuit of which he was World Champion last year.



Rubén got the 2013 the Xterra World Championship, Spanish Championship of Triathlon CrosSub-championship of the World of Triathlon Cros, several victories in the Xterra circuit and a 3rd place in the Spain MD Championship .


 From Triathlon we wanted to interview him to tell us his goals for this season


How are you finding this season compared to the previous ones? Did you change the training somewhat?

 I am finding myself quite well, I would still like to improve my rhythms by bike and be more consistent in the water, but for that we are working.


This year I am more consistent in triathlons than last year and I have more tools to manage unforeseen events. We have changed some things of the trainings, we try to dedicate the just and necessary time to each discipline to manage well the breaks, the time that I dedicate to the swimming and the race on foot is of more quality, influencing a lot in the technique. On the bike, similarly, you will be from now on when you spend more time.


You will run the next 16 August the cros triathlon world championship in Zittau (Germany). How do you see yourself for this appointment?

If I want to participate in the Triathlon World Cross Championship in Zittau. Well it's one of my important dates of the year, I want to prepare it well and if I get a good form I can be fighting with the best.


This year the best triathletes of the discipline will come with what will be a great race. The circuits are not technical and the running is flat, it will be interesting. 


What made you focus more specifically on the triathlons cros, being the most demanded road triathlon?

Well my initial idea was to see XTerra and medium distance triathlons. Last year was my test year, to see where I was, I saw that I had to improve in all disciplines to be competitive in medium distance but that in Xterra and Triathlon cross was already competitive. Then it is added that each triathlon modality has more and more specialists, and moving from one modality to another is becoming increasingly difficult.


Right now I have specialized in Xterra and triathlon cros, is what I enjoy the most, for being in nature and because each race is a challenge in a different scenario. But I'm still training to improve in all disciplines and see how I evolve in order to compete more in the middle distance.  


What is the triumph or result for which you feel most satisfied? why?

The triumph that has filled me most was the XTerra 2013 World Championship, I came from a tough time in my life and did not have all of them with me for the victory. Many people were interested in the race and were thrilled with me when crossing the finish line, with which I value it as none. Winning there has been like a return to the road. 


Is the XTerra of Hawaii (Maui) still the goal of the year?

Yes, the whole year is focused on achieving my maximum performance in Maui, but now I go race to race because you never know what the future holds.


Would you mind explaining a workout that you like?

I like the shootings, the long bike trips with training partners, with some port to increase the pace and get a little over the limit, or the running of the race continues. Also the outings in Mountain bike to make fast descents and technique are of my favorites.


Do you intend to make an IRONMAN any year?

Yes, although in the short term I do not have it in mind, in the future, I do consider it. I still have a lot to adapt my body to triathlon and for the Ironman you need to be done and mature in all 3 disciplines.


I want to thank the sponsors and collaborators for the support provided by Rincón de la Victoria, Specialized Spain, 226ERS, Adidas Eye Wear, Castelli and Vitalsport. And also to my work team Mikel Zabala, Guillermo Mediano, Cristóbal Sánchez and Rafa Cazorla, who help me to give the 100%.

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