• Lanzarote cycling tour
  • Lanzarote cycling tour

Triathlon Vitoria Gasteiz from "the other side of the pond"

Víctor Arroyo lives in Mexico and was fourth in the last edition of the Vitoria-Gasteiz Triathlon

we interviewed Víctor Arroyo, Spanish settled in Mexico from 2014 and 4º placed in Elite in 2017 "Going to Europe to compete is a dream you have here, the level in Europe is high and it attracts people from all over the world. Triathlon Vitoria-Gasteiz is a benchmark, and every year more ”. "Having an event of this magnitude in Spain is a marvel and it is clear that each year is reaching more curiosity and impact on it"

Spanish settled in Mexico his beginnings in this sport were in the 2010, when he decided to leave the skydiving and surfing to devote himself full to the triathlon, having already risen to the podium in GGEE in international reference tests such as IM Lanzarote, 70.3 Monterrey, IM Cozumel and a deserved 4º placed in Triathlon de Vitoria, where this 2018 will go in search of victory.

Víctor What do you think is the secret of Triathlon Vitoria-Gasteiz that without being part of a franchise always runs out of registrations?

Since you sign up, you know that you are attending an event of high organizational level and that it offers great guarantees that you and your whole family will enjoy it. Word of mouth works and once you have participated in Vitoria you recommend it because it is a super event that you want to share with your triathlete friends around the world.

Victor Arroyo Triathlete

Victor is a reference in age groups

Some of its most outstanding results in GGEE are undoubtedly the first place of IM Lanzarote 2016, two seconds in IM Cozumel, first place in 70.3 Monterrey 2017, among others. Behind him he also has two Ironman World Championships in Hawaii in GGEE, 2016 and 2017. This 2018 one of its main objectives will be to improve the 4º placed elite in Triathlon of Vitoria 2017.

In 2014, Víctor sets course for the Mexican Caribbean (Yucatán), where summer has no end

"It is a paradise for training, a safe area to train swimming in open water, make endless km of road and enjoy excellent weather for the race outings on foot, a perfect place to train tests like the Triathlon of Vitoria" . "

I have competed in many IM tests and they all have their charm, but from Vitoria I would highlight the circuits with a variety of landscapes, unevenness and that you can go through the same point several times so that your family and friends can walk on foot so they can cheer you up . Vitoria has all these characteristics. "

Also professional triathlete How do you combine competition with your work? "Create a training system to train me, and now I share it with my students online, Dzero. I train people all over the world through Trainigpeaks, which is a platform on the internet where I send all the training to my students and I monitor them every day with unlimited contact by wasap. It is a face-to-face training but at a distance that is giving very good results. I like to use new technologies both to train and to be trained "

You are a coach as well as an experienced triathlete in LD What if I tell you IM or Vitoria Triathlon?

"Both are very well organized events. Perhaps the big difference is that Ironman goes to people to qualify for the world championships and because the brand has already made a name in the world of triathlon. For the rest Vitoria has exceptional details with the triathlete that they would like to have at the Ironman events "

Is it difficult to take the step to be a professional triathlete? Do brands opt for triathlon?

“Little by little, top brands are approaching that help me in this cycle as a professional, where hard work is essential in addition to having a strong head to endure and be as constant as possible. One is Endura, with which you will be impressed and amazed by its fabrics from the Drag2zero line to compete in triathlon. And the other is Iberostar Hotels & Resorts, ideal for going to prepare the most important competitions of the year, as well as resting and enjoying its facilities, especially in the Caribbean, which is where I like to be most of the year. Undoubtedly two brands that motivate me not to set limits and help me to be a better triathlete day after day "

Victor Arroyo in the Vitoria Triathlon cycling


And suddenly ... You are on the starting line of Triathlon Vitoria-Gasteiz

The departure of Vitoria is very special, the elite we left with a battalion of hundreds of triathletes groups by age to 50 meters that if you do not go fast to swim you pass over without contemplations, to me personally that exit I love. In 2017 I came to the start with a little more experience in the distance, I was strong and confident in a good race, so I went for the race from the beginning.

And when you reach the goal?

Uff! The goal ... that race felt eternal, I was a bit heavy but the public, my family, my wife, the streets of Vitoria, the desire to finish made me finish in a very good fourth position. Reaching the goal was something I had been waiting for a year and this 2018 I want to repeat, I hope that with better time in goal, the position gives me a little bit the same.

Why come to Vitoria when you are looking for a classification for KONA, what attracts you the most?

I have a pending account with Vitoria, in none of the two previous occasions I was satisfied with my performance and result. As in Kona, in Vitoria I want to prove to myself that I can achieve at a better level than I have been able to do the last two times. It is a personal matter of mine (smiles), to remain calm and fulfilled.

We talk briefly about the three segments of Vitoria.

Swimming: It is a very linear and spacious swimming in which if you want you can complicate your life and swim in the piles or swim to your air alone without stress.

Bike: Fast and fun travel that happens flying, you're left wanting to keep pedaling.

Race of the best that I have run, highly recommended marathon. People inject air into each meter.

Victor Arroyo in cycling Vitoria Triathlon

You who have traveled and competed in so many places ... What makes Vitoria special for an event of this magnitude?

For me the city, the food, but above all the people of Vitoria and the pre-competition, competition and post-competition environment ... Everything, of course, is a unique event and 100% recommended!

Further information: http://www.triathlonvitoria.com/


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