We interviewed Marina Damlaimcourt. How do you think about the objectives of a triathlete after competing in an Olympic Games?

Many of you may have wondered how an athlete considers his professional life once the Olympic Games are over. Today we have been able to interview Marina Damlaimcourt who was one of the three triathletes who represented Spain in London 2012, Ainhoa ​​Murua and Zuriñe Rodríguez completed the women's team.



Marina Objective Rio de Janeiro or LD?

My main objective would be to reach Rio and play some Games in the best conditions. I was not completely satisfied with my participation in London. An inopportune health problem prevented me from continuing the progression I had in 2011, where I got good results. 

But this year of transition I would like to take a break and also try new things like a middle distance race without leaving of course, aside Olympic distance with an important goal like Rio. 

I think that doing things well and having clear objectives can combine the 2 distances, so this year, I will try longer things to see how I defend myself ????


 Who are your allies for this new objective?

As for the material, everything is not completely closed yet. I will continue to count on the support of Oakley, and of my lifelong sponsor New Balance, to whom I am very grateful for the trust and good treatment they have offered me for so many years.

 The Morenito bike shop, from Collado Villalba and the Town Hall of the same town, which allows me to use the facilities thus supporting me for another year. On the other hand, I will have the help of Osteopathy David Lopez, a great friend who this year has done his bit to help me with the issue of injuries. And of course with the unconditional support of Guille, who always helps me with training whenever he can. The rest is yet to be confirmed. 

As for the coach, there is also an important change. Starting this year, I have the help of Fernando Gómez Cubero. I am very excited about the new season and I think that your help, your knowledge and your experience as a top-level triathlete and duathlete will bring me many good things in order to try to achieve my goals. 

In swimming I have an additional help from Antonio Oca, from whom I learn a lot too. 


 What will be your first Media / Long goals for 2013? How do you plan the season?

The 1ª important race that I face, will be the means of Seville (TriSur), last year I was very excited to go, and this year the date will be the first test of the year for me. The main objective there will be to see what is a means, and how I defend myself in that distance, to play a couple of them over the course of the season. 

From June to September included, I will focus everything again on the Olympian, to run some tests of the World Cup circuit and to end the season I would like to do "a half". In which I hope to make a great result after all the work accumulated throughout the year and the experience of the previous ones.

There are no previous results.

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