Spain is the first country to host the WTCS Grand Final for two consecutive years. 

Malaga is preparing to be the epicenter of the world triathlon with the celebration of the Grand Final of the Triathlon World Series 2024. 

This event, scheduled for October 17-20, is not just a competition, but a celebration of sportsmanship and athletic excellence. 

A world-renowned event 

The Malaga Grand Final is not just another competition on the sports calendar; It is the highlight of the triathlon season.  

The best triathletes in the world will gather in this coastal city, shortly after the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris, to compete for the title of the Triathlon World Championship. 

Impact on the city of Malaga 

This event transcends the sports field, projecting Malaga as a top-level tourist and sports destination.  

The Grand Final is expected to attract around 4000 athletes and between 18.000 and 20.000 visitors, generating an estimated economic return of between 20 and 30 million euros for the city. 

Málaga dresses up for the Grand Final of the 2024 World Triathlon 

Málaga takes over from Pontevedra, marking a milestone as Spain is the first country to host the Grand Final of the world triathlon for two consecutive years.  

The Test Event held in October has already demonstrated Malaga's ability to organize events of this magnitude, ensuring an unforgettable experience for both athletes and spectators. 

The city of Malaga 

Malaga is not only a setting for triathlon; It is a tourist destination par excellence.  

With its ideal climate, stunning beaches and rich cultural history, Malaga offers a complete experience for visitors. From the historic city center to the modern Pier One, there is something for every visitor. 

An event that promises strong emotions 

The Malaga Grand Final will be a repeat of the exploits of the Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games, with the newly crowned champions competing for a new title.  

With the countdown already underway, Málaga is preparing to shine on the world stage.  

The 2024 Triathlon World Series Grand Final is not just a sporting event; It is a celebration of the passion, determination and spirit of improvement that defines triathlon. 


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