Date, times and where to see the Sub7Sub8 live

This weekend is what is going to be one of the events of the year, the sub7sub8 where 4 triathletes, 2 men and 2 women will try to go down in the Ironman distance of 7 and 8 hours respectively.

After the casualties have occurred Lucy Charles and Alistair Brownlee, the 4 triathletes who will try to beat these times will be


What is Sub7Sub8?

It is a competition organized by the Phoenix Foundation where 2 men and 2 women will try to break all records in the Ironman distance (3,8-180-32).

In men, the fastest time over the distance is 7:21:12 achieved by the Norwegian Kristian Blummefelt at the IRONMAN Cozumel in November 2021, a test in which he made his debut in the distance.

In women, the fastest time was achieved by Chrissie Wellington with 8:18:13 at the 2011 Roth Challenge.

Even if they get off at 7 and 8 hours in this competition, it will not count as records, since they will have the help of "hares" in all segments.


As we have commented each triathlete can choose up to 10 hares to help him in the competition.

You can choose the athletes you want and in the segment you want, with what to choose a good strategy is essential to achieve the challenge of losing 7 or 8 hours.

You can consult the list of «Pacesmaker» in the following link 

El drafting is allowed, with which in the cycling segment it will be shot very fast. There are no restrictions on the material in cycling, although no type of mechanical propulsion will be allowed.

Opening hours

The Sub7Sub8 will be played on the racing circuit DEKRA Lausitzring located in northeastern Germany

The date chosen for the test will be June 5 from 07:00 AM.

Where to see it live?

The test can be followed live through the official website, triathlonlive and through Race track



Date, times and where to see live the Sub7Sub8, sub7sub8-natacion
Sub7Sub8 swimming circuit

The swim will be held in Lake Senftenberg, an artificial lake located 10 km from Dekra Lausitzring.

The circuit will be in a straight line to minimize turns.

The departure of men and women will be at different times to avoid mixing in the races.


Date, times and where to see live the Sub7Sub8, sub7sub8-cycling
Sub7Sub8 cycling circuit

The cycling segment will run largely on the Lausitzring circuit, where there are long straights that will allow the "hares" to set a strong pace in search of their objective.

Very high averages are expected between 45 and 50 km/h

Race on foot

Date, times and where to see live the Sub7Sub8, sub7sub8-career-foot
Sub7Sub8 foot race circuit

The race will take place entirely inside the Lausitzring circuit with the athletes running counter-clockwise in 5,8km laps.

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