Announced the date and venue of the sub7 sub8

At last the wait has ended to find out which will be the venue and the date where they will try to get off at 7 and 8 hours in IRONMAN, the sub7 and the sub8

The attempt to lower the time of 7 hours for men and 8 o'clock for women will be made in  Dresden Germany on June 5 and 6, a month after the IRONMAN World Championship of St George.

has been chosen Dekra Lausitzring Race Circuit, in the German city of Dresden, a facility that has hosted the World Superbike Championship.

The male and female exit will be independent and each triathlete will have 10 hares throughout the competition to try to get the record.

sub 7

Kristian Blummenfelt y Alistair Brownlee They will be the triathletes who will try a historical record this year, to lose 7 hours in IRONMAN distance.

 "A controllable fixed circuit, gives you the ability to control much better what is happening” commented Blummenfelt

sub 8

In the women's Sub8 test, they will be Lucy Charles-Barclay y Nicola Spirig who will try to break the 8 hour clock in the distance.

"Dekra Lausitzring offers an incomparable environment for our triathletes to break the impossible barriers of 7 and 8 hours“, comments Chris McCormack, two-time IRONMAN world champion and promoter of the event in the following video.

The circuits


You will swim in the Senftenberg lake located 10 kilometers from Dekra Lausitzring, where you can swim in a straight line, which will ensure maximum speed as there are no turns.


T1 will be located on the lake and they will travel the 10 kilometers to the racing circuit, where they will begin to circle the 5.850 meter circuit.

Race on foot

The race will be held entirely on the circuit running counterclockwise in laps of 5,85 kilometers.

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