Fernando Alarza will compete in the Ironman 70.3 of Cascais.

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"I would be lying if I did not say that my goal is to win" 

The Talavera triathlete has confirmed that he will participate in the Ironman 70.3 Cascais that the next 30 will be played in September in Portugal.

The test that has closed this week inscriptions with 2.600 triathletes it has become one of the biggest Ironman 70.3 of the world with a record participation

From Triathlon News we have done an interview to see first hand his objectives of this test, which will be his second participation in a medium distance triathlon after Zarautz where he was second in 2016.

Why do you opt for Cascais?

It is an 70.3 that due to its location is perfect for me, it is very accessible from my house and I have it marked on the calendar for several weeks as my 70.3 debut.

 What will be your goal there?

I would be lying if I did not say that my goal is to win.

It's true that I've only done a half-distance triathlon; but I think that my training for Olympic distance makes me face this new distance for me with many options to have a great performance.

During the year I share training with medium and long distance triathletes and I think our preparation is not very different.

In case of victory ... would you accept the slot to have a place in the 70.3 IM World Cup in Nice?

It would be something that I would consider according to the World Series calendar; but I do not deny that I would be very motivated to fit in the calendar the IM 70.3 World Cup

Will you run with the road bike like in Zarautz 2016 ... or will you go with a goat?

This time I'll go with a goat. In Zarautz 2016 simply did not want to risk an overload before the Olympics. I'm still not very used to the goat and I lack a lot of work on it; but to Cascais I will go with a goat if I want to opt for the positions of honor.

Fernando Alarza with BH

Will it be the last race of the year or do you still have some other goal in mind?

I still have some more career with my club in Spain and I would like to be able to run more than half distance in this end of the year, it is something that takes me out of the Olympic distance routine and motivates me a lot.

Professionals in the test

In the event will be present triathletes of more than 70 countries, including Spain, United Kingdom, Holland, France, Brazil, Germany, Belgium, Ireland and Switzerland.

Some of the best Portuguese professionals have confirmed their presence as they are João Silva, Ana Filipa Santos y Bruno Pais among others

For the Spanish part for the time being, the presence of Fernando Alarza, from Gustavo Rodríguez , current Champion of Spain MD y LDEmilio Martín, that will debut in the distance and Dani Múgica.

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