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Fernando Alarza makes his 2019 debut in a relay duathlon

The Talavera triathlete has started the 2019 season today

Today the Relay Duathlon Championship of the Valencian Community was held in Castellón, where Fernando Alarza He has participated in the team of the University of Alicante (UA) on standard distance.

Fernando towards team next to Jesús Gomar  y Lasse Lurhs They have invested a total time of 1:29:20 getting the victory and the provincial title.

Fernando has invested 28: 31 in completing the distance getting the best partial in cycling and running

The first to take the exit were the A male teams, who disputed the regional competition, only thirty seconds left the rest of the men's relay. The last ones to take the start were the women, who, like the boys, left first the A teams that played the league and the regional one, and then the rest of the relays.

In the first segment of the race on foot the teams of the University of Alicante put in front of the race in both men and women. In the men's competition the first reliever was the international triathlete Fernando Alarza, who got more than two minutes of difference with his pursuers. In females the triathlete Yaiza Saiz, also of the Alicante club, got a slight distance in front of her pursuers. After the first relief, the masculine classification counted on the University of Alicante like first classified, followed of the CEA Bétera and the 208 Triathlon Club. In females the Alicante club also put in first position followed by the girls of CT A Correcuita and CT Hurricane The Bike Run.

In the second relay Lasse Luhrs, of the University of Alicante, followed at the head of the race followed by Mark Tanner, CT Hurricane The Bike Run. In third place was Pablo Cano, from CEA Bétera. In the feminine classification Eva Martín- Moreno, of the University of Alicante, maintained the head of race, followed closely by Clara Renard, of the CT A Correcuita, and Sandra Piera, of the CEA Bétera.

In the third relay the final positions of the competition would be decided. Although the head of the men's race was quite determined due to the powerful team, which had brought the University of Alicante. In females the podium positions were more disputed, since the CEA Bétera had been left to its best duatleta for the third post, and had great chances of tracing. Without a doubt the relay modality endowed the competition with great emotion, where the alignments of the different teams would be decisive for the final classification.

Finally, in the masculine category the boys of the University of Alicante, with Fernando Alarza, Lasse Luhrs and Jesus Gomar, proclaimed themselves Autonomic Champions. The second place went to the CT Hurcán The Bike Run, with David Cantero, Mark Tanner and Miguel Guzmán. The third place went to the CT Arena Alicante, with Marc Cuevas, Guillem Segura, Javier Magallón.

In the female category, the regional champions were the components of CEA Bétera with Cristina Roldán, Sandra Piera and Noelia Juan. In second place, the girls of the University of Alicante reached the finish line, with Yaiza Saiz, Eva Martín-Moreno and Andrea Fernández. The third regional position was for the Swedish Triathlon Club with Andrea Fos, Raquel Pérez and Alicia Crespo.

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