Fernando Alarza launches official sponsorship of Bkool with victory in IronMan 70.3 Cascais

The Talavera triathlete has achieved victory in the test that was held this weekend in the neighboring country, where he has released the official sponsorship of Bkool.

The brand of cycling simulators Bkool and the international triathlete Fernando Alarza they have not been able to start their journey together better, since this September Bkool has become the official sponsor of Fernando for the 2018-2019 season.

Fernando, that in the remainder of the season has in its agenda to compete several medium distance triathlons, He has opened with a great victory in his first participation in an Ironman franchise test, finishing the test in a time of 3:54:57 and completing the 90 km of route in 2:15:24.

Fernando Alarza on the podium of Ironman 70.3 Cascais

Fernando takes some time training with Bkool, a system that has helped him to recognize the routes of the tests to which he participates, as are all the World Series or specifically that of Ironman 70.3 Cascais , which gives it a certain advantage over its rivals who can not recognize the circuit. 

In the following links are the routes in 3D of the Ironman 70.3 Cascais

Tour 1/3: https://www.bkool.com/profile/detail/5108331

Tour 2/3: https://www.bkool.com/profile/detail/5108364

Tour 3/3: https://www.bkool.com/profile/detail/5108420

A few months ago we published the birth of Bkool Tri, a league for the triathlete, although, throughout the season they have played leagues coinciding with the dispute of the 3 major cycling tours, having enormous success with more than 6.000 participants in total

If you're still unclear why you have to use a Bkool roller, we'll give you 5 Reasons to do so.

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