Fernando Alarza: "I feel illusion and not pressure when they refer to me as the future of the Spanish triathlon"

Fernando Alarza He was recently proclaimed Absolute Triathlon Champion of Spain, with only 21 years of age, thus confirming his good progression in this discipline. Alarza was Junior World Champion in 2010 and this is his first season on the absolute circuit.

- Have you ever imagined yourself as a Champion of Absolute Triathlon Spain?

The truth is that you never know if one day you will be the lucky one to get the title of Champion of Spain, so much less think about winning it so young. In some interviews they told me that they think I can be the youngest triathlete who has achieved it, but I'm not sure about it.

- What does this title mean for your sports career and on a personal level?

I think this title has given me another boost to my sports career and has made me establish myself in the Elite of this sport. It was even hard for me to believe that I had achieved it, and even more so when to achieve it I surpassed one of my greatest idols and one of my references since I met this sport, such as Iván Raña.

- What or who did you remember when crossing the finish line?

In those moments of joy for my mind passed the people I love most and who have supported me the most in the good times and bad, such as my parents, family and my girlfriend and of course my coach and my training partners. Possibly without all of them I would not have achieved this title or any other feat.

- Do you feel pressure when talking about you and Mario Mola like the successors of Ivan Raña and Javier Gómez Noya in the Spanish triathlon?

More than pressure I feel illusion. This sport has always excited me, I was excited when I saw Javi and Ivan competing, and that people talk about you being your successor is something that excites me and motivates me a lot.

- How did this test go? At what moments was your victory cemented?

The triathlon started earlier than expected, with an injury by Javier Gómez Noya (favorite and Olympic runner-up in London 2012) while it warmed the morning of the race. The consequence was a second degree sprain. This left the Spanish Champion crown much more open and I knew it would be a great opportunity, and that despite not being at 100 × 100 I would have to suffer a lot and handle my cards very well in the race. This began in the water with a temperature that touched the limit for the use of the neoprene suit; but he finally swam without him. For me it was a very clean swimming where I could get some good feet and be soon among the favorites. At the end of the swim 1500m lap we went to the first transition for 10 triathletes and we took advantage of the fact that it was a long transition to make a cut and to select the race even more. Finally we 6 who took the good break in cycling and we understood each other perfectly in the 8 cycling laps and we managed to open a gap and play the race between us. In this group we were Uxio Abuín, Iván Raña, Ramón Ejeda, Roger Serrano, Frances Godoy and me. In the last stage of cycling we knew that the victory was going to be between us and I was aware, from the last races, that I could run enough to win. We reached the second transition and Ivan Raña came out strong and I tried to follow him and we were together until km 1 where I increased the pace and Ivan gradually gave way until finally I was alone around the km 2. During the 10 km of running, it was going to be a pulse between Ivan and me, since he kept my distance from 15 seconds; but on the last lap I gave everything I had inside to be able to ensure victory and to savor the triumph in one of the cradles of this sport such as the city of Pontevedra.

- Your 2012 calendar has barely given you time to stop a single week. Are you happy with the planning you have followed? Do you anticipate any changes to 2013?

As you say, this 2012 has been a hard year, full of trials and in which the main objective was to gain a foothold in the Elite of this sport and to gain experience and learn from the best in the world. As news for the 2013 will be in the World Series as usual and disputing a good position in the ranking of this championship.

- What are your next sporting appointments?

The season is slowly coming to an end, but one of the most important appointments of the season remains and the one that I have marked with “phosphor red” on the calendar. This test is the Cto. From the U23 World that will be held in Auckland (New Zealand) from October 20 to 22. Shortly before this test, I will compete in the Garmin Triathlon in Barcelona on October 7.

- What ASICS shoes did you use this time on the running section? What do they give you ???

I used the ones that are now my favorite shoes ASICS GEL-HYPERSPEED 5. It is a very light shoe, with very good cushioning, very fast and perfect for the Olympic triathlon and Sprint.


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