Flora Duffy enters the story getting her fifth victory in the World Series

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The Bermudian has joined the American Gwen Jorgensen as the only triathletes who have achieved 5 victories in the WTS.

Today it has been played in Stockholm the eighth test of the World Series and the last before the Grand Final where we were able to see an exhibition of Flora Duffy which is presented in Rotterdam as the great favorite to get the world title as it has achieved 5 wins and a second place in Montreal in the last appointment     

The test that began at 12:00 Spanish time, was disputed on Olympic distance (1,5-40-10) where the first to get out of the water was the British Jessica Learmonth Jessica Learmonth followed by a group formed by Lucy Hall, Flora Duffy, Katie Zaferes at 5 seconds. Carolina Routier came out in tenth position at 20 seconds and Anna Godoy 56 seconds from the head of the race.

In the first round of the cycling circuit was formed at the beginning a group of 3 in the lead with Duffy, Zaferes and Learmnonth followed by 1 minute by a group consisting of Kristen Kasper and Lucy Hall and on the other 1: 10 with the rest of favorites as Lucy Hall or Ashleigh Gentle among others

The leading group continued to increase the advantage until in the third round Katie Zaferes suffered a fall in a turn, but finally returned to the race, although she had to retire in the fourth round with a strong injury to the face, but finally without consequences .

The head duet continued to increase the advantage to reach the T2 with 2: 11 of advantage over a group of 8 where Kristen Kasper and Jodie Stimpson were. Practically at 3 minutes the third pursuer group entered with Lucy Hall or Ashleigh Gentle. Carolina Routier entered 21ª position and Anna Godoy can not finish the cycling segment (we have no information on what happened)

Flora Duffy from the beginning of the race on foot imposed a strong pace to go solo and get his fifth consecutive victory in the WTS with a time of 02: 00: 09. With this victory Duffy is presented in the Grand Final leader with all the options to get the world title.

As for the fight for the medals we could see a nice duel, since Jessica Learmonth was giving time with respect to a group of 7 with Stimpson and Kasper. Behind Ashleigh Gentle was launched all by cutting the difference on the group and leaving alone going through the second round with 26 seconds apart on Kasper and 40 on Jodie Stimpson that fell out of the group.

 Finally, the British Jessica Learmonth (02: 01: 30) could keep the second place followed by the Australian Ashleigh Gentle (02:01:42) just 12 seconds away) with a great running segment that finished in third position. Carolina Routier finished in the twentieth final position

TOP 10


1 #1 Flora Duffy 2:00:09
2 #11 Jessica Learmonth + 00: 01: 21
3 #2 Ashleigh Gentle + 00: 01: 32
4 #9 Joanna Brown + 00: 02: 54
5 #7 Yuko Takahashi + 00: 02: 58
6 #28 Leonie Periault + 00: 02: 59
7 #15 Claire Michel + 00: 03: 13
8 #5 Kirsten Kasper + 00: 03: 19
9 #12 Alice Betto + 00: 03: 40
10 #4 Andrea Hewitt + 00: 03: 55


The Grand Final of the World Series promises to be exciting, although Flora Duffy (4.000 points) has practically secured the world cup, the fight for the second place is very open after the third place of Gentle (3.507 points) and the withdrawal of Zaferes that the overpass Andrea Hewitt (3.224 points)

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