France achieves its third consecutive World Cup in mixed relays

The French team continues with its dominance in the specialty

Today we have been able to see a spectacular mixed relay event after yesterday's spectacle with the elite events.

This weekend the Triathlon World Championships were held in the Hamburg World Triathlon Series yesterday Saturday where Vicent Luis y Georgia Taylor Brown they got the world title

Today Sunday it is the turn of the mixed relays that have been contested in super sprint distance.

The French team was the favorite and has fulfilled the predictions, getting its third consecutive World Cup in the modality

A total of 20 teams have participated in the test marked by the security measures against Covid-19 and with the absence of countries such as Australia, Canada, Mexico and New Zealand

El french team formed by Leonie Periaut, Léo Bergere, Cassandre Beaugrand and Dorian Conix have been the fastest completing the 4 relays in 1:18:25.

The second position has been for the team U.S. (Taylor Spivey, Kevin McDowell, Katie Zaferes and Morgan Pearson) with 1:18:33 and the third for Britain (Georgia Taylor Brown, Barclay Izzar, Jessica Learmonth and Alex Yee) with 1:18:59.

The Triarmada composed of Anna Godoy, Antonio Serrat, Miriam Casillas y Roberto Sánchez Castejon they have been 14th


Pos Country Time Difference
1 Team I France 1:18:25
2 Team I United States 01:18:33 0:00:09
3 Team I Great Britain 01:18:59 0:00:35
4 Team I Norway 01:19:38 0:01:14
5 Team I Belgium 01:19:44 0:01:19
6 Team I Denmark 01:19:46 0:01:22
7 Team I Switzerland 01:20:01 0:01:37
8 Team I Germany 01:20:08 0:01:44
9 Team I Austria 01:20:17 0:01:53
10 Team I Italy 01:20:20 0:01:56
11 Team I Netherlands 01:20:23 0:01:59
12 Team I Hungary 01:20:33 0:02:09
13 Team I Brazil 01:20:45 0:02:21
14 Team I Spain 01:20:54 0:02:30
15 Team I Russia 01:21:10 0:02:46
16 Team I Czech Republic 01:22:43 0:04:18

There are no previous results.

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