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Earn money with this application doing squats

Lympo Squat: an application (Android and iOS) with which you can earn cryptocurrencies by squatting.

It is a new Fitness application arrives that is born with the intention of convincing users to do more exercise. This application uses the front camera of the mobile and the developed by the company to detect each squat we make. The APP is capable of analyzing our movements and giving us feedback on our training in real time. .

With each squat you rwill ecibirán tokens LYM, a cryptocurrency, 3 tokens will be received when an application challenge is met. Currently 1 LYM equals $ 0.0072 although the price varies continuously.

To make everything easier, the APP has a virtua trainerHe will guide us during the challenges. The user can participate up to 6 daily challenges with 10 minutes of rest between each challenge.

You can download the application in the following links:

Further information: https://www.squatforcrypto.com/

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