Gómez Noya trains in height

They have baptized it as the hardest triathlon in history. The next round of the World Series to be held at the 6 in July Kitzbühel (Austria) introduces an unpublished variable to date in the world calendar.



A mountain pass in the bicycle segment. Ramps up to 22% and average 13% earrings. Maximum demand in height, where the lack of oxygen punishes the organism. To adapt to the peculiarities of this race, the greatest exponent of the Spanish triathlon, the Ferrol Javier Gómez Noya, you have chosen the station Head of Manzaneda (1.700 meters). There he will carry out a three-week training that he trusts will help him to add a new triumph to his record.


The organization has narrowed the gap with respect to what would be a conventional Olympic distance event and the triathletes will do 750 swimming meters, 16,5 kilometers on the two wheels and the 2,5 km at the end of the pedestrian stretch.


"We are giving priority to the series on the bike, because it is probably where the first positions are decided", says the Galician sportsman, who adds: "People are going to empty, because after crowning, there are only 2,5 kilometers on foot.


Since last Thursday combines sessions with smooth percentages and more minutes of pedaling with others in which accelerates the body to the top of its possibilities by authentic asphalt walls. «Today I made a tremendously explosive half hour». Simulation of what will be the Austrian hell and far from the routine that usually runs to prepare in a conventional week.


Second experience at altitude

For Javier Gómez Noya will be the ssecond concentration in height of his life. "Six years ago," he emphasizes, "I tried the experience in Sierra Nevada, but I think that his 2.400 meters were too much. I was very fatigued. In addition, the Andalusian station is not too comfortable for a triathlete, because to ride a bike you have to go up and down a port of 30 kilometers. You spend too much time in the car and I did not finish satisfied with the quality in the trainings ».


However, Manzaneda he is gentler: "Only eight kilometers and you're ready to roll. That's right [smiles], there are few flat areas here, which suits me well to adapt to Kitzbühel ». The little traffic on the roads and the availability to use the facilities (among which is a pool of 25 meters) of the station are among the advantages offered by this corner of the Galician geography. «They have overturned us. They have given us all kinds of facilities to be here and I only have words of thanks. It is an incredible site, with beautiful paths to jog practically alone, "says the triathlete based in Pontevedra.


Gómez Noya faces this new stop in the calendar of the World Series as leader of the classification with 2744 points ahead of Portuguese Joao Silva, who chases him with 2055. His main threats, however, will be the brothers Alistair y Jonathan Brownlee. "They have shown that hard conditions also go well," says the ferrolan. "In other tests I have seen how when the road pulls up, they are always ahead," he admits.


But he also recognizes that this new variant in the course of the World Series will be a mystery for everyone. "We do not have," he says, "references, this unknown, an exciting challenge." On Thursday 4 July Javier Gomez Noya will pack. He will leave his golden retirement at Cabeza de Manzaneda and fly to Austria. Only two days later will know if this trip to the heights has the desired effect, if it means another success in the showcase.

Source: lavozdegalicia.es

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