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Gómez Noya, named Ferrol's favorite son

The Ferrolan triathlete, Javier Gómez Noya, has been named favorite son of the city. The recognition comes after the Olympic silver harvested in the London Games, and that swells his brilliant track record with two World Championships and three European, among other titles.


The mayor of Ferrol, José Manuel Rey Varela, has announced this afternoon the distinction of the athlete, who is still in the capital of the United Kingdom. The councilor explained that the decision has been approved unanimously both at the board of spokespersons and at the government, and has already been transmitted to the athlete.

It is the highest distinction that can be granted to a person born in the city, of which Torrente Ballester, Fausto Escrigas, José Maria González Llanos or Carballo Calero have already deserved.

It is envisaged that Gómez Noya I arrived at the naval city next Monday at 17 hours. The Council will offer, even without date, a tribute to the triathlete for the recent success in London, and that is the first Olympic medal for a Ferrolano


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