Gómez Noya is still world leader after the 3ª Plaza in Hamburg

In the city of Hamburg, situated in the north of Germany, the most exciting test of the world circuit has been lived JJOO London given that it has been the first time since then that the three medalists; and, as there although in a different order, they have taken the podium.



As planned it has been full since the first stroke and one of the keys has been in the first 4 5km bike laps, in which a group of 9 triathletes has opened a gap that had not occurred in the 750m of swimming. With both Brownlee y Noya pulling to the limit, have reached the end of the 20 km cycling with a few 30 seconds ahead on a squad of 20 in which they were as more dangerous for the third phase the South African Murray and Spanish Mola.

Already from the first of the 5 km on foot they have been left alone the three favorites, who alternating in the leadership have played the victory in the last kilometer. The older Brownlee has changed the pace by going third; his brother and Javi followed him, until in another acceleration the Spaniard lost a few meters. In the final stretch the smaller Jonathan has been imposed on Alistair in a sprint without any kind of brotherly affection.

The 3ª square serves to Javi to add some points that keep him in the world championship since it discards the 8ª of San Diego and keeps an 1ª, two 2ª and one 3ª: "It has been agonizing, without a moment of respite. By bike we have thrown to the top to play on foot between the three of us. There I have been able to stand with them but I have not been able to respond to their final acceleration. I am more than satisfied with this podium, which suits me very well for qualifying. At first I will not be at the Stockholm meeting in August and I will play the title with the Brownlee in the final in London in September".


1. Jonathan Brownlee GBR GB 00:51:05
2. Alistair Brownlee GBR GB 00:51:05
3. Javier Gomez ESP ES 00:51:14
4. Richard Murray RSA ZA 00:51:42
5. Mario Mola ESP ES 00:51:46
6. Sven Riederer SUI CH 00:51:50
7. Aurelien Raphael FRA FR 00:51:53
8. Alessandro Fabian ITA IT 00:51:55
9. Ryan Sissons NZL NZ 00:52:00
10. Jan Frodeno GER DE 00:52:02

World Classification: http://www.triathlon.org/rankings/itu_world_triathlon_series/male


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