Gurutxe Frades bets on EXTREME MAN

The next July 07, the town of Getxo, will host the second edition of EXTREME MAN. In one of the best beaches on the coast of Bilbao, this appointment has already confirmed the presence of representative triathletes of the Basque Elite among whom we will have Raúl Amatriain, Champion of Spain of Average Distance , Miquel Elgezabal  y Gurutxe Frades, Champion of Spain of Long Distance 2012.



The triathlete from Durango belonging to the local club Mugarra TT told us "In my day to day you feel the triathletic atmosphere. Triathlon is a sport that is deeply rooted in Basque culture, only in my club are 80 adults and 80 children, triathlon is making an important hole and that every day it is goings. "


"The environment where the race is held is perfect for a triathlon, from swimming in the waters of Playa Ereaga, to the layout of the bike in which you can enjoy beautiful areas of Bizkaia and the race on foot, flat to run very fast and in which we passed by the harbor along a promenade with the Suspension bridge as turning point. In addition, participating in home has its appeal.


The last edition I enjoyed the race as a spectator since many of my team participated. I feel good when I feel protected, two of my great followers, my brothers-in-law Sandra and Iker, live there and they usually accompany me to all the races and they are happy that I run in their house"


"I have started the season with great enthusiasm, wanting to continue working and improving. I find myself with more ease and strength than last season at this point. Prior to EXTREME MAN I plan to run Salou and in the month of September Narbonne, in addition to other objectives such as global LD with the selection that is celebrated in France besides to return to fight by the Spanish Long Distance Championship"  


 "I would like to be able to go to Salou for a weekend to explore the area before the test. I have trained several times in the area that runs through the EXTREME MAN circuit in Getxo, the landscape of the circuits is spectacular as well as demanding"


"After my experience in  Narbonne and recognize the circuits of Getxo, I encourage people to enjoy their EXTREME MAN in this unbeatable environment. A test well organized and with great atmosphere, in addition to an ideal place for sightseeing"


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