Gurutze Frades out for the Kona World Cup 

The news has fallen like a bucket of cold water in the world of triathlon: Gurutze Frades, one of the most prominent triathletes in Spain, has announced that she will not participate in the next IRONMAN World Cup in Kona, Hawaii. 

A Year of Successes and Challenges 

Gurutze has had an exceptional year, with victories in the IRONMAN Vitoria and a third place in the IRONMAN 70.3 Cozumel.  

The latter used it as a pre-race test in his preparation for the Kona World Championship. 

Words from the Heart 

In a social media post, Gurutze shared his plight: "A lot of silence lately because things haven't been going well for me these days. 

"DAfter settling in Hawaii to do the last part of my preparation, unfortunately, I fell ill.

I have spent several days without training in bed and as they have passed I have had to go from plan A to plan B, and so on, until the worst case scenario arises: not competing.

When I resume training I am very far from the state I should be in and I have also had to do it in a very calm way.

The decision has not been easy, the fact of being here above all has made me think about it a lot, but the truth is that I do not feel prepared. Not only to compete in a World Championship, but to do a test of this distance.

I always emphasize the gratitude I feel to reach each starting line fit and healthy because I know how difficult it is. This time, I am on the verge of taking that exit. 

These have been very disappointing days, but somehow I still feel part of this Women Ironman World Championsips and this makes me a little happier 🌺

Now is the time to recover well and move on. . " 


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From Triatlón Noticias we send her a lot of strength and we hope to see her again in Kona in 2024.


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